My long awaited return to Blogging

I guess I should start off by introducing myself, but I guess if you’re reading my blog you either know who I am or are a creeper, or possibly both.

But fair enough, my name is Ayumi and I’m not your average blonde Asian girl.

I used to write a blog everyday in Japanese but I guess I either grew tired of it or became lazy, although it’s probably a combination of the two.

So…this is my attempt to get back into writing about my crazy adventures that take place day to day. Too bad I didn’t start this when all the really cool adventures were going on. Shucks.

But, with everyday comes new adventures so I’m sure I’ll have a lot to write about in future blog posts.


Today wasn’t as adventurous as most but I always try and enjoy everyday as much as I can.

Woke up this morning, got ready, went down to Jamba Juice to get my usual drink and Brown Sugar Oatmeal. YUM! Then off to School!

I’m taking a sculpture class but I hadn’t gotten the stone I needed to start the next project so I continued a drawing project I started last week.

The short story on that is, I saw a painting that I: A. couldn’t afford and B. was already sold, so I decided to draw my own version of the painting to satisfy my need to own the actual painting. It was either that or break in at night and steal it for myself, but I thought this would be better. Haha.I’ll post it up when I’m done BUT for those of you who are, easily offended, it may not be for you. Will explain later.

Anywho, I was working on the drawing when the stone guy came! Hooray! I ended up buying a piece of Honey Ice Alabaster from British Columbia for about $50. A little expensive but it was so worth it! I promise to upload pictures on what I’m working on as I start to chip away at it.

After class, I dropped by the post office to mail a couple postcards to my friends. Three to be exact. One to someone in San Luis Obispo, another to one in Japan and another to the UK. Fun stuff! I also sent a package with a little present for a friend in Japan. Postage wasn’t as expensive as it usually is, so that made me happy.

After that was my little trip to the hair salon. Let’s just say, being blonde ain’t easy. “Ain’t ain’t a word” Okay. Enough King of the Hill for now. But I’m very happy with how it came out. Will upload pictures when I get a decent one.

Let’s see…after that…was…


I ended up restarting the story with my saved stats. It’s actually worth it. I fly by in the story and this time I get to save EVERYONE! and defeat ALL the psychopaths! (except for the rival on the bike, I have yet to figure that one out). I’m leveling up pretty nice. Level 23 right now. Can’t wait for that Level 25 trophy! Yay!

I also made myself some eggs sunny side up with some bacon. You know how lazy I am? I bought fully cooked bacon. Sad I know. But it was DELICIOUS!

I also ended up watching “I Hate Valentine’s Day” because Netflix sent it to me instead of Mad Men for some weird reason.

It was an okay movie. Helped me pass some time. Haha.

Laundry is also being done which is good.

And I must continue watching Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy!

I love that show…

I also made Salmon White Cheddar Mac n Cheese today. Strange but oddly delicious.

Will write more when the mood strikes!


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