No Smoking. Stay Calm.

And yet another day has gone by,

I took this picture last night while I was waiting to give Katey some Zombrex.

I didn’t realize my zombie count would start again when I started a new game, but I should have figured.

Let’s see…what did I do today.

I woke up extra early to finish my Statistics homework but I suck at math so I did as much as I could figure out. *Shrug*

Got treated to a delicious breakfast sandwich and a dirty soy chai latte<3 Yum!


Work was pretty busy today. BUT, I got to see a lot of regulars even some I hadn’t seen in a while so that made me very happy!

I love my customers!

I started feeling a little sickly and feverish but as the day went on my symptoms started to go away which was pretty nice.

OMG! I actually broke two water glasses today! Can you believe it?!

But, I think this was when I was feeling my worst. Oh well.

Worked on a math problem or two after work. Rico helped me figure one out so that was nice.


After work…went to Mitsuwa and bought some snacks for my mother.<3

Then off to drop off my stats homework!

I didn’t feel well enough to actually stay in class…meh.


Stopped by Ralphs to get some munchies!

Let’s see if the Sharp Cheddar with bacon and tomato dip I bought is any good.

Yum dip!




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