So Chanel and I went to Dick Blick’s so I could get some markers to finish my poster.

Thank god we got there when we did because they were closing.


I also needed to buy some canvases but I totally forgot plus they were closing so I didn’t want to take too long.


We went to Larchmont to get cupcakes, makeup, movies and such.

Asked Blockbuster guy what I should watch and he said we should watch “How to train your dragon” so that’s what we rented.

After that I wanted to get some Tofu soup so we went to BCD Tofu House.

I actually ate a lot today…<3

We also jumped a few 7-elevens to get scratchers and snacks.

We’re not addicted I promise. Lolz.

Time to watch the movie and finish my poster! Yay!


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