Dirk Nowitzki vs. Ron Artest

Oh American Dad, what would I do without you?

Francine: What time is it?

Stan: It’s 6 am. I’m checking into a motel then reporting to jury duty.

Francine: You dont always have to sequester yourself you know.

Stan: Yes I do francine. I need to be in a media blackout so I dont compromise the trial.
Now, while I’m gone I need you to manage my fantasy basketball team.

Francine: Can I make any trades?

Stan: No, just set the lineup.

Francine: Stan you need a power forward.

Stan: I have Dirk Nowitzki.

Francine: He’s soft Stan. You need a thug, you need Ron Artest.

Stan: I don’t want Ron Artest. You know forget it. I’ll have Steve set my lineup.

Francine: Fine, let that nerd set your lineup. Watch you lose.


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