Justin Bieber? All Star Game?


So we made it home just in time last night for the NBA All Star Game. I left LA when the All Stars were going on…hahaha oh well.
It was worth it so it’s all good.
It was such an amazing game yesterday!
I don’t like Paul Pierce so I’m glad he was whatever yesterday.
Ray Allen was a bit off too which was surprising.
But 4 Celtics good god.
I looked up a lot of the NBA All Star Stats and it was pretty cool.
Kareem has the most NBA All Star Appearances.
Nominated for 19 and played 18 is pretty damn awesome.
Russell Westbrook wad on fire too.
Could care less about Kevin Love though.
Haha and yeah they showed Justin Bieber at the game and apparently his favorite player is Kobe Bryant.
Stevie Wonder was there too…they said he was getting a play by play from whoever was next to him…weird lolz.
All in all I had a great time watching the game.


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