Magazine Day!


It’s that time again!

I love getting magazines in the mail!

I get to learn about new stuff without ever leaving my house!

Well…except to get to get the mail. Haha.

I signed up for a year of Car & Driver for just $8!

Mmmm…New Audi Quattro~ *drool*


Oh and I don’t know why I didn’t mention it earlier but…


Now I have that song stuck in my head, but no really…it’s raining pretty hard.

Where the fuck am I? It doesn’t rain in LA?!

It’s funny because when I went to Whole Foods earlier you can tell who’s a native to LA and who isn’t.

If you own and are using an umbrella, you are a freak and definitely not from LA.

Real LA folks take their rain like their coffee. Strong? That’s not right…they take the rain like the Traffic. Just bring it on!

Was that better?

Meh. Who knows. If it doesn’t stop raining I might have to buy one of those Gunbrella’s from Royal/T.

Back to watching the Jersey Shore…

OMG IT’S SO ADDICTING! I can feel my brain cells exploding one by one.

Yay for scripted reality television shows!


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