More Curry!


I had more curry today for lunch.

I couldn’t resist!

It was so delicious yesterday that I had to have more today.

No meat, just curry and SPICY MAYO.


Apparently I can make it at home but I’ll just save it for Royal/T.

It’s like Disneyland, you don’t REALLY want to know how it works. Lolz.

Today was pretty mellow at work until it hit 4pm.

That’s when everyone thought it was a great idea to stop by but all my customers were actually pretty nice so it was a breeze.

Me and Patty are the BAUS of Royal/T so we handled that shit like nobody’s business.


I also had some crazy guy with a parrot on his shoulder yell at me…and then come back later in the day to yell at me again.

That was pretty awesome.

Crazy bastard. Hahaha. But it’s all good. I was in such a good mood today it didn’t matter.

One lady asked if it was just me on the floor and when I said yes she told me I was doing a great job.


I love my customers! ❤


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