Guck Guck-Spiel


Playing Peek a Boo with my little baby.

He gets lonely and likes to come in to my room.

So my mother paid for school, which is awesome!

I’ll see how much I can pay her back with the next paycheck.

I’m excited for school though!

Although it’s not for like another month.

Oh! Chanel’s using the Emily the Strange bag I bought her for school!

That made me really happy.


I talked to Mark on the phone for a bit which was nice.

It’s so hard having a 3 hour time difference.

Good Luck on your test tomorrow!


Lakers won against the Thunder! Woot!

The Suns beat the Pacers, which isn’t surprising.

76ers beat the Cavs but almost everyone has been beating the Cavs so no big news there.

The Timberwolves actually won a game against the Golden State Warriors.

Magic beat the Bobcats, obviously.

Mavericks beat the Raptors, damn those Mavericks are on a roll.

Rockets barely beat the Hornets.

Spurs beat the Grizzlies but the Spurs are on the fuckin top so…yeah.

The Knicks beat the Heat…by 5 points.

Amare & Carmelo vs LeBron, Bosh & Dwayne Wade. Now that must have been a good game.

The Hawks are dominating the Trailblazers.


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