Oh Chopped…


So I’m looking for shows to watch because it’s my day off today and I come across Chopped.

I love the show but I haven’t seen it in a while so I’m like what the hey, why not?

So first it’s the appetizer round and one of the ingredients is Clam.

And I start to get hungry and that’s when I remember I actually have some clam at home, so I cook the clam so I have something to eat while I watch Chopped.

I feel like such a glutinous monster.

But I realize Mark has tried to call so we talk for about 40 minutes which was very nice.

I’ve gotten used to only talking to him on the weekends because he’s been out on the field so it’s nice to talk to him everyday.

So I’m watching Chopped and it’s one of those episodes where they bring back people who have been Chopped in previous episodes and give them another chance.

And the reason why I’m writing my blog right now is because they are on the dessert round and guess what their ingredients are?


.White Chocolate Chips


.Carrot Juice





Dictionary.com defines it as: whole or ground hulled corn from which the bran and germ have been removed by bleaching the whole kernels in a lye bath (lye hominy)  or by crushing and sifting (pearl hominy).




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