So Ive been sending a lot of mail lately and I’ve been getting tired of the same Liberty Bell Forever stamps so I decided to order my own stamps!

I got some Ronald Reagan stamps…(Forever)

some Katharine Hepburn Stamps…(44 cents)

Winslow Homer Stamps…(44 cents)

Comic Strip Stamps including Beetle Bailey, Calvin and Hobbes, Archie, Garfield and Dennis the Menace…(44 cents)

Animal Rescue Stamps with a bunch of adorable dogs and cats…(44 cents)

Scouting Stamps…(44 cents)

and 1861 Kansas Stamps…(Forever)

So I guess Ronald Reagan and Kansas are forever?

*shrug* who knows?

I’m just excited that I have new stamps to put on everything!

Woop de doo!!!



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