I had a VERY long day of Orientation today.

I went into it feeling confident but by the end of the day I was all nerves.

I can barely write this entry because I’ve had a massive pounding headache all throughout today.

I feel like I just need to rest and let whatever happen happen.

I didn’t end up eating at school because I was:

A. Nervous

B. Not Hungry

C. Not in the mood for what they had

So a little after 4 I drove back to LA and went to Whole Foods and Citibank and they didn’t have the food I wanted at Whole Foods so I had to settle.

I ended up getting Rosemary Leg of Lamb, Portobella Chicken Penne Pasta, Bruschetta Toast and a Lemon Bar.

Weirdest combination of food I know, but I was disorientated and hungry.

What do you expect?

I just need to take a chill pill and relax before I go to the crazy house.

I need more Advil…

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