Houndstooth Socks!


My baby sent me Houndstooth Over Knee Socks yesterday!

They are so gorgeous!

How does he know me so well?!

It’s scary sometimes you know?

But I love him so much!<3

Anyways, I don’t work till 5pm today so I have some time to relax at home.

I gave my dog a little shower, although I’m not as good as my mother so she’s still a little dirty.

And then I said I would run up and down the stairs 1000 times today but I’m at 210 and I am pooped!

Hahaha. I’m so weird sometimes.

So I’ve just been hanging out at home and watching my netflix videos of Modern Family.

It’s pretty funny.

I also gave up my German class that I really wanted to take for another English class so I can graduate early or whatever it is that I am trying to do.

I’ll figure it out…


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