Frosted Puzzle!




So this is still about Saturday night but after I got done dropping off the kids I had to head to work but I was pretty hungry because I didn’t have a chance to eat any real food that day so after I got to work I stopped by the little market in the back and I thought I’d pick something up.

I went in there on Valentine’s Day once but I had no cash on me so I didn’t get to buy any food so I left but apparently the guy tried to stop me so he could give me food but I didn’t hear him. So he felt so bad that he gave me the Frosted Flakes for free on Saturday because he felt bad. Isn’t that sweet?

People can be so nice sometimes.

So I already mentioned the Bat Mitzvah but when I got home I got a package in the mail from Mark<3.

He bought me the other Corky Mansfield puzzle! He’s so sweet to have remembered.

Needless to say, I finished it this morning because I LOVE PUZZLES! I’m crazy I know. But it’s so adorable! And whenever I look at it I’ll know that my baby cares! Yay…hahaha.

So it’s off to work again today, I’ll write more about what I did yesterday when I get home today.

I’m sorry all my days are getting jumbled up. It’s hard when you’re so busy and you lose track of time.

But for any of you who have the day off today, Come visit Royal/T!

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