The Perfect Sunday




So I got the little Mickey surprise goodies at JapanLA.

One for me and one for Chanel.

I actually got the one that I wanted! And Chanel ended up getting the Mickey Pizza face one.

After hanging out at Wakasaya I thought we should go try out Obika Mozzarella Bar since we always say we want to go but we always forget or it’s too far away or what have you.

I wanted the Ravioli but they were all out so I got the Salmon Crostini and it was DELICIOUS!

I even ate the salad that came with it on the side! Surprise I know.

After that, I talked with Mark on the way to Umami Burger.

I met Ihui there and we ended up talking for about 3 hours.

I felt like we were the only ones in slow motion and that everyone around us was just sped up.

I saw so many people eat and leave while we were just chatting the whole entire time.

I got to see Scott and some of my other favorite workers which made my day.

Apparently they were on the front page of Yahoo so they’ve been really busy but I can understand because Royal/T was just in AAA so we’ve been pretty busy as well.

All in all it was a great Sunday!


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