Venice Canals




I switched shifts so instead of working in the evening I ended up working the lunch shift at Royal/T.

Nobuko san made her own chips and Ceviche!

It was to die for!

She also made Oyakodon!!!

I’ve been craving one for so long now! It was like a God send.

After work I didn’t really feel like going home so I decided to meet Chanel in Venice.

We walked all the way to the Venice Canals and back.

I walked like 4 miles that day!

So much exercise than on the car ride back home I was all jittery.

Exercise makes me all tense and nervous instead of relaxing me.

Isn’t that weird?

I think that’s weird…

That probably just goes to show you how out of shape I am. Sad I know.

But Chanel and I had a great time and the Venice Canals were just beautiful.

There were a lot of nice houses too.

One lesson I learned though is to have cash when I’m on the West side.

I get so used to credit card everythings.

Shows me right?

All in all it was a pretty fantastic day!


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