Brie. Gama-Go. Itttttt’s GREAT!





So Tuesday was my day off so I thought I should be productive instead of just lounging about at home.

So I drove to Goodwill and dropped off some stuff that I didn’t need.

Time to stop being a hoarder! Yay!

I checked out Wackos and La Luz like I do every week.

I bought a Gama-Go Postcard book! All the postcards inside are so adorable!

They also had the Edward Robin Coronel paintings I wanted but of course they were already sold.


I’ll get one eventually.

Then I went off to the hospital to visit my grandfather.

Almost got into a car crash on the way there…DON’T MAKE LEFT TURNS WHEN PEOPLE ARE GOING THROUGH GREEN LIGHTS.

I got there and no one was there so I decided to stay for a while.

People kept coming in and asking questions about my grandfather.

I ended up staying over 3 hours and then my uncle said he would be on his way so I made my way on home.

It was nice being with him though. Also gave me time to finish my book.

I had a little troubling getting cash out of the ATMs to pay for parking but I eventually figured out something.

I came home, had some Brie with Crackers and some Frosted Flakes.


All in all it was a pretty productive day!


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