What a Weird Day…





Saturday had to be one of the most eventful yet strangely bizarre sort of day.

In the morning when I pull in to the Royal/T parking lot I found a Blackberry in the lot and someone was calling it so I asked if they had lost their phone and that I had it with me.

There were a lot of people working that day so instead of being a maid I decided to help out at the bar, it was pretty crazy at the bar so it was a good idea.

After work Ihui and I decided to meet up at Harajuku Crepe in Beverly Hills.

I beat her there with my awesome driving skills and I waited inside.

It’s a small hole in the wall place two stores down from Pink Berry but the taste is well worth the visit.

They have all sorts of Crepe bases, even Earl Grey!

We ended up getting one savory and one sweet crepe.

For the Savory one we got Tuna Salad on a regular crepe and for the Sweet crepe we got Azuki Bean and Strawberry on a regular crepe. We both wanted to try the Earl Grey but we both thought that the other didn’t like Earl Grey. Damn us for being so Asian. Hahaha.

But both crepes were delicious!!!

The only bummer was that they didn’t have plates.

We just had to take turns taking bites out of it.<3

So after that we got in my car because it’s better to just take one car instead of two when you’re going to Melrose anyways and when we were pulling out of the Parking Garage, we didn’t have to pay.

Isn’t that weird?

Hmmm…lucky I guess.

Then we drove off to Melrose because I wanted to go to the Art Auction they were having at Japan LA.

The street parking gets kind of weird because of all the NO PARKING 6PM to 8AM without a permit business so I decided to Valet Park.

We were walking towards Japan LA when the body guard there tells me that we can’t go in and when I look up to see who it is, I realize that it’s the same bodyguard that works for Royal/T!

Amazing huh?

I also got to see a lot of other people I knew, Misha and her husband Tod, Jamie, Krista, Onch and even David from Sanrio!

I ended up getting the Camilla d’Errico ‘Canadian Tiger’ Print and I couldn’t have been more excited!

It’s the piece I was hoping to get even before I got there.

Ihui and I were JUST on time!

So we walked around JapanLA for a bit and looked at the other art but we thought it was soon time for dessert so we went to go pick my car up from Valet.

So as you can see from the picture, the Valet guy who was pulling out my car ended up hitting another car with my car….


I’m not even joking, it’s strange because right before he did it I was even thinking, what would happen if he hit my car? Would it be his fault or mine?

But these things happen. Everything in life happens for a reason, or that’s what I believe.

Thank God Ihui was there though, she took care of everything for me.

I didn’t know how to feel? I wasn’t really angry or surprised.

I was just very easygoing I guess, no need to start unnecessary drama right?

So I got all the information and she said she would be by Monday morning to pick up my car and have it fixed.

So since we were on our way to HAUS, I thought we should just go anyways.

Why not?

We get there and I get a Lemon Macaroon and a Sweet Pumpkin Latte<3 Yum!

And Ihui got a Mocha Macaroon with some Earl Grey Tea with Honey.

And then we get into the whole conversation about liking Earl Grey.


I see a Maserati pull in and of course it’s the owner of HAUS.

After some lovely dessert and a nice long chat I start to drive back to Beverly Hills to drop Ihui off at her car.

It was starting to rain/drizzle a little at this point.

Which reminds me, I need to change my windshield wipers, they don’t work too well.


But yeah, that was my weird eventful Saturday.

It could only happen to me.

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