Long Time No.. Write?





I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for a while.

I’ve been busy with…life. Hahaha.

Let’s see…

Sunday March 20…I just relaxed at home.

Monday March 21, the lady came to pick up my car to have it fixed.

Tuesday March 22, I went and got my hair done! I always love seeing Candise.

If anyone needs an amazing hair dresser, just ask me.

She’s super amazing!

Wednesday March 23 was a BLAST!

Kat and I went shopping in Santee Alley for our Panty and Stocking Cosplays!!!

We went all over the place!

Santee Alley, Little Tokyo, Hollywood! You name it, we did it!

We ate at Curry House and I had delicious Curry Udon. Yum!

We bougtht some accessories and looked at a good amount of shoes, didn’t end up finding what we wanted but it was a fun adventure none the less.

We also got to talk A LOT so that was very nice too.

We were out all day trying new things!

Shoes, Cake pops…

I had a blast!

I can’t for our amazing cosplays to be done!


Thursday March 24th, I went to work wearing my Butler shirt to give my support, and of course they won.


And Friday March 25th I was at Royal T working Happy Hour!

I want to write more but I’m so tired…I promise I will write more about my adventures with school and Ihui!<3

Tomorrow…I PROMISE! Maybe…lolz

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