The first picture is from Friday March 25th.

Nobuko san was there and the special was Japanese Hambagu with Vegetables!

OMG it was so delicious!

The sauce just MADE the dish.

I love it when she makes super awesome creations at Royal/T!

The second picture is from Saturday March 26.

Ihui, Eddie, Evan and I went to La Dijonaise Cafe cafe at Helms Bakery and guess what I got??

The Beef Stroganoff…can you say MELT IN YOUR MOUTH DELICIOUS?!

Our waiter was a little on the irritable grumpy side which sucked but we all gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Ihui also ended up buying macaroons for the both of us, and they ended up being very crisp and rich but they were $3 for 1 small macaroon.

A little overpriced if you ask me. *shrug*

And the fun never stops with Ihui and me so…on Sunday March 27th, after we both had a long day at work we decided to meet up for a little dessert.

It was my turn to pick a place so I picked Hwa Sun Ji.

It’s only like 2 blocks away from my house but I had never been there before.

The 3rd and 4th picture are from there.

I asked my mother if she had ever been there and she told me I wouldn’t like it because it was for old people but I actually liked it very much.

It was very  nice and calming on the inside.

It was what we needed after a long day at work.

We got shaved ice and they brought a couple korean crackers on the side which were very yummy.

I got the Chrysanthemum Tea which you can see was so beautiful, and Ihui ended up getting the Quince Tea.

We got to enjoy the rest of our Sunday in peace and it was absolutely delightful.

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