All Star Picks that WEREN’T selected. What happened?

So the NBA 2012 All Star Reserve Picks have been announced. Who else is surprised by not who they picked but who they DIDN’T pick?

For those of you who missed the Reserve Picks, here they are:


1. LaMarcus Aldridge (Forward)

2. Marc Gasol (Center)

3. Kevin Love (Forward – Center)

4. Steve Nash (Guard)

5. Dirk Nowitzki (Forward)

6. Tony Parker (Guard)

7. Russell Westbrook (Guard)


1. Chris Bosh (Forward)

2. Luol Deng (Forward)

3. Roy Hibbert (Center)

4. Andre Iguodala (Forward – Guard)

5. Joe Johnson (Guard)

6. Paul Pierce (Forward)

7. Deron Williams (Guard)

Just like someone said on Twitter:

“Josh smith. Call 911.You got robbed. No mask no gloves- its fingerprints- all over the place call first 48-no call Atlanta CSI- Call the FBI”

I mean what a big surprise right? Me + Ernie, Kenny, Charles and Shaq were all shocked by this. We all had him on our lists! But it seems like the same debate each time, there’s a player that should have been picked but Charles said it best when he said, “We only award winners”. People get overshadowed all the time. The same thing that happened to Josh Smith also happened to people like Jrue Holiday, Darren Collison and Danny Granger. I wouldn’t say they were outshined but when it comes down to it they pick the “winning” players. It would be awesome if they could pick the scorer and the supporter but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. It’s like saying Derrick Rose would be nothing without Luol Deng but the same goes for these other supporting players as well. They’re who keep the team scoring and together. With the number of Defensive Rebounds Josh Smith puts out as well as being relatively high scoring, what more could you ask for? Josh is #6 in Blocks, Blocks per game and Defensive Rebounds in 48 minutes. And he’s ranked #2 in Blocks per 48 minutes only beaten out by Thunder’s Serge Ibaka (but he’s in Spain playing Real Madrid right now). He WORKED for this! Lost weight, got into shape and now he’s the best player on the Hawks. He’s what has been keeping this team afloat this season. With Al Horford gone he’s really stepped up to carry his team to where they are now. Let’s compare the stats between the Reserve Forwards that have been picked for the East. (And maybe why don’t we look at Chris Bosh’s stats too while we’re at it).

Chris Bosh

Luol Deng

Andre Iguodala

Paul Pierce

Josh Smith

You can see by just looking at the stats that Josh Smith should have been chosen. It should have been Deng, Iguodala AND Smith’s first All Star game. Yeah he was off to a rocky start but he shaped up this year! There was no reason why he shouldn’t have been chosen. A lot of other amazing players weren’t picked as well. I’ll write more entries! You guys haven’t been forgotten! It’s okay Josh Smith…we’ll get them! And their little dog too!

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2 thoughts on “All Star Picks that WEREN’T selected. What happened?

  1. Chris Webber is the one who Tweeted that. J-Smooth definitely got robbed, so did Rudy Gay. Stats can be deceiving though, real life basketball and fantasy basketball are completely different and I believe that some people see them as the same which leads to some of these players being snubbed. And I don’t understand why Steve Nash is in the game. As usual the NBA coaches just pick their favorites and not the most deserving players. I could ramble on further, but I won’t do that for your sake!

    • THANK YOU! I was talking to this kid who wanted my insight on picks for his fantasy basketball team and he wanted to pick up Dwight Howard and I had to stop him and tell him that just because he’s DH doesn’t mean that he’d be good on your fantasy team. Rudy Gay…Granger…Even Paul Pierce was surprised he got picked. Haha. He is playing pretty well this season though but still. I don’t know about Steve Nash. I really don’t. He’s nothing without Amare and Amare is nothing without Steve Nash. I hope he does not come to the Lakers, I’m sorry but he is getting old and we need new fresh players. Yes he still plays decent but not All Star status, not like he used to be. But that’s how it is a lot of the time. People can’t see who is deserving and who isn’t. They’re not open to the possibility that they have players who have improved and are significantly better this season than other years. They need to stop picking people based on how they used to play and instead base it off how people are playing now. If only we had an American Idol voting system after the Reserve picks to vote in people that we think should actually be playing. What are we to do right?

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