What’s going to happen to the Clippers?

The Clippers were doing so well and now this. Are the Clippers going to be able to replace Chauncey with Randy Foye like they say and still keep the scores up? He only got to play 20 games with the Clippers. It can’t be easy to lose a high scoring, high rebounding and high assisting player when they’re so close to the playoffs. (Well I mean I know we have about 2-3 more months left). But closer than we would have been if it were the real season since there are only so many games being played nowadays.

If you look closer it’s obvious that on most of the losing games that Billups didn’t end up doing too well but is it possible that because of his high scoring games that the Clippers have more wins this year than not? Yes, yes Chris Paul and Blake Griffin help a lot too. Trust me, I know. I’ve heard people scream “CP3!!” more times than I can reasonably count. And I was there when Blake Griffin dunked in Kendrick Perkins face. Poor Perkins…the crazy thing is this was the ONE time he didn’t look pissed…well I mean he always looks a tad bit angry but it didn’t bother him at all. It’s okay Perkins! You look great this season!

Randy Foye’s stats for this season. Not the BEST scores but with such short notice and unexpected turn of events I think the Clippers just need to train hard on their off days and make it work if they want to keep up the wins. To lose to the Cavaliers by 7 points was a pretty big disappointment. Hopefully it’s just a little slump after all that’s happened because it’d be a shame to let such a good team go to waste. Caron Butler really stepped up that game but something happened to DeAndre Jordan that night. 0 points? Not acceptable.

We’ll just have to see tomorrow when the Clippers go up against the 76ers. Let’s see if they can match up to Iguodala, Young, Allen, Williams and Holiday. If they can beat the Sixers who are 18 and 8 I think they have a good chance for the rest of the season. We’ll see what happens to Billups’ contract once this season is over. If everything works out well and he recovers then I don’t see a reason why the Clippers wouldn’t want to keep him. Come on, the Clippers haven’t been THIS good in a long time. (I’m still a Lakers fan though).

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