It’s about time! Hello Kitty x Hooters! Oh yeah~!

I totally forgot to write a blog about this earlier this week so I thought I’d do it now before I have to go to work. Yup. Those damn Japanese people are at it again! (Don’t worry I’m not being racist, I’m half Japanese. Yay!) Who better to promote Valentines Day at Hooters in Japan than…HELLO FUCKIN KITTY?! Nobody…apparently. Who doesn’t want a huge sunday and a Hello Kitty Hooters Pin? I can’t wait to buy one online from people selling theirs! Muhahaha! And yes, Hello Kitty is flatchested. Maybe next she can be in one of those women’s fashion magazines but in the back where it goes, “WANT BIGGER BOOBS?” and they try to sell you some surgery or pill or voodoo magic and WA-LAH! You can be just as big as Hello Kitty! And millions of people all over the world will fawn over you! Hahaha. I mean it was only a matter of time if you really think about it. Hello Kitty has teamed up with everyone!

Hello Kitty x KISS

Hello Kitty x TK

I mean Hello Kitty has seen all sides of the spectrum so it’s only natural it come full circle…to Hooters. Hey, it is what it is and I’m sure Hooters will do VERY well on Valentine’s Day, although I’m sure they didn’t need TOO much of Hello Kitty’s help. Hahaha. Ah~

What will they come up with next…

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