Octopus-On-Girl Action~!

Brian: Stewie what are you doing?

Stewie: I’m just doing a little Tai Chi. You know how the Asians look 30 until their 60? This is why. Course then they suddenly look 100. But cross that bridge you know?

Brian: Is this a Japanese thing?

Stewie: No Chinese. The Japanese have a whole ‘nother thing going on.

Japanese Guy #1: Hey, you wanna see a movie?

Japanese Guy #2: Naw, we’re Japanese. Let’s go watch a school girl bang an Octopus! Yeah!

Octopus: おいで!抱きしめてあげるよ!作戦コップ・フィルグッド!

(Come here! I’ll hug/embrace you! Operation Cop Feel going GOOD!

School Girl: ヒヒヒヒヒ~ (Laughter)

For those of you who need an enlarged version:

Oh Family Guy~ What would I ever do without you? There’s just something about Octopi molesting Japanese women…even back in the old days. What do you think inspired Picasso? It was Shunga, Japanese Erotic Art or more specifically Shokushu Goukan (触手強姦) which is tentacle rape. Even before the start of animated pornography it was Japanese art that influenced a whole new wave of art and culture not only in Japan but around the world. This style of art is usually a combination of the natural and sensual with the horror and science-fiction themed elements. Although some interactions are consensual most depictions are of the non-consensual sort.

THE MORE YOU KNOW! *Insert star here*

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2 thoughts on “Octopus-On-Girl Action~!

  1. thekevinchen says:

    HAHA thanks for fulfilling my daily quota of freaky facts. The NBC PSA had me squirting water out of my nose.

  2. One more thing the Japanese do to near perfection… anime pornography with sc-fi and/or horror elements.

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