The Kurse of the Kia

A couple of weeks ago Jack and I decided it would be nice to go on a drive to Big Bear Mountain since he had never been and I hadn’t been in probably over a decade. Unfortunately for Jack he got stuck with a crazy female Asian driver, namely me. I try to warn everyone but I don’t think anyone really listens. But I wanted to drive and I ended up driving about 400 miles that day. I know I’m crazy but that’s a whole different story for a whole ‘nother time. But I’m a pretty aggressive driver and I rarely lose to anyone unless they have a V12 and a death wish but usually I always come out ahead except for this one day. I was going down Big Bear Mountain making my way back to LA going 80 mph on a 15/30 mph curve with Jack screaming “80 TO 30! 80 TO 30!” in my ear but I can’t listen to people when they’re hysterical so I didn’t know what he was complaining about until I looked down at my speedometer and up at the road sign. Like I was going to be deterred by that? Psh, yeah right. But I was going down the mountain when guess what car beats me? A RED KIA RIO, older year, dent in the back right bumper with a jesus fish sticker attached to the trunk. I was going 80 and it STILL beat me! I NEVER saw it again! With all the sharp curves and steep turns I was sure I would see it around a bend somewhere but it was GONE! Like it had never been there in the first place. I still haven’t let it go that I was beat by a Kia Rio. A FUCKIN KIA RIO! I’ve beaten Ferraris and Porsches! I was SO pissed and in such a weird mood. Ever since then I’ve been experiencing what Jack calls “The Kurse” which is basically me being trapped behind a Kia every stop sign, red light and freeway lane. THERE IS ALWAYS A DAMN KIA IN FRONT OF ME! And I’m not even making this up! I even started to take pictures of the different Kias I’ve been stuck behind… And keep in mind these are only the ones I managed to get pictures of. I don’t use my phone when I’m driving so I have to go through my bag and whip it out so I can prove that I’m not crazy…or does that make me crazy?

January 10th 2012

February 7th 2012

February 8th 2012

February 11th 2012

It’s not just me right? RIGHT?! This is what happens when you lose, you get it thrown in your face every time you go outside for a nice little drive. BAM! Ugh…I hate Kias…

A little update on my car though, I had David, one of our new managers, to come check out my car and he says the headlight cover was DEFINITELY stolen. It wasn’t broken and it was taken clean off. WHO DOES THAT? Ugh. I’ll call tomorrow to have them order a new pair. My poor baby…people keep driving up next to me to tell me that they can fix it. I HAVE MY OWN MECHANIC, OKAY THANK YOU. I’ll get it fixed as soon as I can.

And to all those reading, next time you’re on the road and you see a Kia drive just a little bit faster and cut them off for me will ya? I…just can’t sleep at night anymore…and MAYBE it would help? Pretty please…

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