AND Carmelo’s back. How do I know? Because the Knicks lost.

And with the Midseason Report Cards just out…the Knicks get a…C+!

That’s right Carmelo. You’ve been a disappointment this season. It’s his first game back from his right groin injury and after having beaten the Dallas Mavericks, it’s something else to lose to the New Jersey Nets. 6 Turnovers and only 11 points? Ouch. He’s missed way too many shots tonight. Not to mention the 3 Personal Fouls. The one thing that really hurt the Knicks tonight was their 3PM-A numbers, 5-21 which equals about 23%. Missing 3 free throws couldn’t have been that awesome either.

With Carmelo coming back it also meant a lot less playing time for Lin, Chandler, Smith and Novak. What does it matter? They’ve actually scored quite a bit in previous games to help score the win. No such luck here.

Would more practice time help? Maybe it’s just a rough day after coming back from an injury? Smith and Amare seemed to play just fine when they started, but who knows?

Where could they use Carmelo…hmmmmm

Oh and Deron Williams made 38 points tonight! Making tonight the highest scoring game for him this season! And kudos to Humphries for the 14 rebounds. For such a sub par team they played a good game.

And Jordan Farmar has also apparently sprained his right groin…I think there’s something going around! Hahaha.

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