The Line Game

So I had to play the Line Game today. Because I’m taking my car with me I had to go to the DMV so my mother could sign over the car to me. Mark told me that I didn’t need an appointment so I didn’t make one. I failed to realize that he got to sign over the title without a wait because he was in the middle of nowhere but that I wouldn’t be so lucky because I live in LA. Oh Well. My mother kept saying that I should’ve listened to her. Sorry mother.

So…we went to one DMV and waited in line, only for them to tell us that we have to drive to a whole different DMV to sign over the title of our car. When we get there my mother has to wait in a line JUST to find parking. So I went out, stood in another line so they could give me a number so I could wait even more. We went to a pretty nice DMV. I got #B186 and when I got there they were on #B145. Lame. Hahaha. Oh Well. Like I was saying, the DMV was pretty new and airy so it was a pleasant wait, until the kids started showing up and crying. I just wanted to yell at the parents while pulling my hair out and kicking their kids at the same time! AH!

I hate kids. I hate kids that cry. I hate kids that cry because other kids are crying. I hate everyone.

But we got the title signed over and it should come in the mail in 3 weeks. Yay! Only cost $15! Lolz.

After that I went to the post office because I just LOVE waiting in lines. The line ended up moving out pretty quickly, I got pretty lucky with that one. It was like I was at Disneyland all morning! Well actually…I know how to avoid lines at Disneyland and I NEVER wait for any ride, but you know what I mean.

You know what’s really scary though? Parents reporting their children’s cars stolen even after they bought it for them. WHO DOES THAT? WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND DOES THAT? Jesus Christ!

Now it’s time to finish watching The Bachelor!

I KNOW WHO WINS! Well…everyone does. I hate hometown date episodes, they’re so boring. *Yawn*

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One thought on “The Line Game

  1. I love waiting at DMV! No… I don’t have a fever… not crazy either (well, maybe the jury is still out on that!)… let me tell you why!

    I’m a writer… I get 90% of my inspiration from watching people. I especially love to watch people in places like DMV, where it seems that the worst in some people comes out. I am constantly watching people’s interactions with other… it is all ‘fodder’ for a writer’s imagination.

    Great story! Thanks for sharing!

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