Yup, it’s that time of the month AGAIN…PAYCHECK TIME!

And I paid off bills and what not but who can’t help but splurge on a little somethin’ somethin’ for themselves. So guess what I got?!

2 Crossword Lottery Games
(I haven’t bought one in SO LONG!)

I used to buy them all the time but I stopped hanging out with my gambling buddy so I guess I just stopped buying them. It’s just not the same when you’re buying them by yourself, you know?

Some ink for my lovely printer. I’m pretty sure both the mailman and my professors are getting tired of light grey ink on EVERYTHING. I’m just worried that the time for turning in final essays will come around and my printer will be completely out of ink. I made the mistake of printing my LSAT class material from my home computer. I went through 2 ink cartridges learning how to solve analytical games and such. It was sure as hell worth it though. I’m ready for my LSAT YEAH!

Some more purple shampoo for my pretty blonde hair! I was using Loreal but I get more for my money on this one so I’ll try it out. I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH HAIR! AHHH! I love being blonde though. Blonde do have more fun, what do you know?

And I wouldn’t be complete without my fake eyelashes!

What do all these things add up to?

A blonde Asian with fake lashes, gambling problems and awesome readable essays for easy scoring. OH YEAH~ *ahem*


Guess what picture I found? One of me from 2 years ago, sporting my Laker gear and nails. Hahaha, boy was I hardcore. This is pretty much what you get.

Speaking of which, GO WEST! (*Although my favorite players on the East*) It’s okay.

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