What’s faster than the speed of light?

The way companies can produce goods to sell the next hottest thing virtually overnight. Who else could I be talking about besides Jeremy Lin?

How is adding fortune cookies to an Ice Cream racist? Isn’t it just about as racist as adding Tapatio to Doritos? I mean Fortune Cookies were first created in America, more specifically in the San Francisco Chinatown, which is the area where Lin is from anyways. How else would we make it “Lin-sanity”? By making it more New York? More Nor Cal? More Winning? Maybe we can just add some creamy points, chewy assists and although it’s not the most popular, a hint of sour turnover as well. Would that make it more Lin-credible? People who think this is racist need to stop complaining. This kid has BEN AND FUCKIN JERRYS cashing in on how popular he’s become. I’d love a “Yu and Mi baby” Ice Cream flavor! Although I’m sure it’d be disgusting…it’d probably consist of Coke, Sriracha, Advil and Popcorn. Gross. Or Maybe… I think taking fortune cookies out because they were getting soggy is a pretty legit reason for changing it up. If Lin can market himself by using his background and culture, he should run with it. There is nothing to get offended over. As long as he knows that he is past these petty differences of ethnicity and race it shouldn’t matter to him. Once someone is able to laugh at themselves and with others, you know that they are able to do it because they are secure with who they are. Was I the only Asian person NOT offended by the “Chink in the Armor” headline that got taken down? In the view of an English Major, I think that was pretty clever. To each their own I guess.

I want fortune cookies with my ice cream… damn Asians had to complain and now all it comes with is regular waffle chips on the side. Boo. This is why I can never have anything nice…lolz. I’m just kidding. But really, people need to lay off the race card for a bit. It’s getting old.

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2 thoughts on “What’s faster than the speed of light?

  1. thekevinchen says:

    Advil and popcorn? what the heck haha

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