Loserwolves back for another try at the AWESOME LAKERS

I’ve been writing my final essay for World Lit all day so I thought it was time to update my blog.


The Lakers have beat the Timberwolves 17 straight games in a row. 


Seventeen straight fuckin ass games!

That is the most consecutive active wins a team has had over another team in the NBA. Sad ain’t it?

Plus, this is what the Lakers need after our 2 game losing streak on the road. I guess finally beating the Heat wore everyone out? Still no excuse though.

We’ll kick them off of the 8th seed soon enough.

And Kobe will be the youngest player to reach 29,000 players with this nights game. It’ll just be the icing on the cake for the Lakers. Mmmm…sweet victory here we come! And like always I’ve placed my bets on this game. I haven’t been disappointed yet and I have no reason to worry. It’s going to be back to back Friday wins for the World Famous Lakers!

Do you know how much the Loserwolves suck?


All you need to buy is 4 cans of vegetables for $3 and you can get Wolves tickets!

Check out line scenario:

*Cashier scans my 4 cans of corn and looks up at me*

Cashier: That’ll be $3.20 and here are your complimentary tickets to the Timerwolves game next Friday.

Me: No Thank You.

Cashier: But it’s Free!

Me: If those tickets even TOUCH my cans of corn, I will kill you.


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