Do you know what time it is?

That’s right!


After work Eddie and I went to Korean BBQ and ate our full of delicious meat. Mmmmm….I forgot to take a picture because I was too busy eating. Sorry guys, maybe next time. But I decided I wanted to go hunt for jerseys today so we went off shopping and guess what I found? THIS AWESOME SHIRT! I was like why is this shirt in the NBA section? And that’s when I turned it around and BAM!



How awesome is this shirt? It’s from the year the Pistons beat the Lakers in ’89. I guess MC Hammer’s song was really in that time? The song came out in 1990. Yay for cultural references people can still understand! I am going to be KILLING IT in this shirt! Oh~ yeah!

You tube doesn’t have the Family Guy Can’t Touch Me video up anymore so I found one on Spike

For those of you guys who want to go watch it. Hahaha. Awesome episode.

And guess what else I found?

An old Allen Iverson jersey that fits me perfectly! Score! AND It was cheap. Yay!I’ve been wanting one for some time now! I really wish he would consider coming out of retirement.


And here’s a picture of my Cavaliers Playoff shirt from 08? turned into a dress. Sewn by yours truly. Oddly enough it has Mike Brown on there as coach. Ugh, how the tides have turned…

Please ignore the mess in my bathroom.

Yay Call of Duty! I really should start playing again…

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10 thoughts on “It’s HAMMER TIME!

  1. FrankC says:

    That Detroit Piston Championship t-shirt brings back memories. I was a die-hard Pistons fan back then. Isiah, Vinny, Lambert, Dumars,

    A.I is a volume shooter…he can’t play along Kobe. There aren’t enough shots to go around. Look at NY…they are a mess now. The more Lin plays, the more flaws show up with his game. Teams will now scout more on his game..Once you stop the pick and roll…the Knicks will then default to Melo shooting till the game ends.

  2. FrankC says:

    LOL..where did you find those Jerseys? Ross is a great place to look for old jerseys.

  3. FrankC says:

    I am waiting for Grant Hill to go back to the Pistons so I can sport the Piston’s 33 jersey again.

    Good times.

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