Who to believe?

So in my last post I blamed the Portland Trail Blazers for cock blocking the Beasley Laker trade but new reports are coming out where the Timberwolves might be to blame.

Unnamed sources say that 7 minutes before the trade deadline that the Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor canceled the deal.

That Fisher Rockets trade wasn’t how it was supposed to go down.

Let’s try to work this out:


Derek Fisher to Minnesota
Cash Money to Minnesota
1st round draft pick that was acquired from the Mavs to the Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers

 Jamal Crawford to Minnesota
Even more cash money to Minnesota


Michael Beasley to the Lakers
Anthony Tolliver to the Trail Blazers

Beasley’s not even playing today. Meh.

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10 thoughts on “Who to believe?

  1. As a Laker fan I am glad we did not get Beasley. He is like a young Ron Ron Jr, but with no defense, a better offensive game. But not as fun and oddly charming. If he legally changed his name to Violence B. Me …I would be all in thou

    • As a Laker fan I am sad that we did not get rid of Steve Blake. I rather have Michael Beasley over Blake ANYDAY! Plus we got a good point guard so it would’ve just been the icing on the cake! You know Skittles is FIERCE!

  2. Off The Backboard says:

    The deal didn’t happen because apparently the Wolves did not want to take on Fisher’s SECOND year of his contract (for which he had the player option and would have likely taken). That would have meant the Wolves payroll would be tied to Fisher for two more years, and that’s something they didn’t want to do. I wish we had gotten Beas.

    • Understandable. The Lakers just didn’t want Skittles THAT BAD. Oh well. I get to see him play the Lakers tomorrow (if he actually plays). I just want to get him off the Loserwolves.
      Thanks for the update though!

  3. lahoopscoop says:

    What an exhausting day… Beasley would have topped the day off nicely. Good day for Lakers though. Ditch 2 dead weights (3 if you want to throw Fish in there) and upgraded our biggest weakness. For sentimental reasons Fish will be missed, but for basketball reason, thank God…

    • Yeah Beasley would’ve been the whipped cream to our cherry sundae but we’ll just have to settle for a victory lap around Staples Center in something other than a Kia.

      But honestly, I was DANCING and jumping and SO HAPPY all day during work because we got rid of Luke Walton and Jason Kapono. I’ve hated Luke for YEARS! A player like that does NOT deserve more rings than Nash OR Barkley. Just bullshit.

      And Fisher…it’s good but it sucks at the same time. When it’s something you’re so used to it’s hard to change but he hasn’t been playing like his old self lately…or should I say his young self?

      All in all I’m glad we got Ramon Sessions (and not Johnny Flynn).

      • Robby Lim says:

        The Lakers made the most the trade deadline getting Ramon Sessions and Jordan Hill was a coup for them.

        The only drawback that I can see is the departure of Fisher, sure he’s old but he can still make big shots and I think Kobe will be a little more sentimental about it.

        By the way if you guys can visit this site http://myspurslink.blogspot.com/ that would be great.

      • Yeah…no one saw the Fisher trade coming so it hurt but the NBA is a business like I keep saying. Either he’ll come back in 3 years when he’s 40 OR maybe we can see him as a coach someday.

        Thanks for the comment and I’ll go check out the other blog!

  4. FrankC says:

    What is up with Fisher being a no-show in Houston?

    I was thinking about it..Before NY traded for Melo, they were a playoff team w/ Felton, Gallinari, and Amare. Then Melo came, and they were out of the play-offs. Melo hurt, Lin comes in, and they won 7 in roll….then Melo comes back and they sucked. LOL.

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