Hyundai Genesis & Equus Marketing Tactics

So we all know about product placement and the techniques of branding that companies use, like well designed labeling and the weight of price over value, but what you don’t know is to what effects marketing tactics like these can have on an unsuspecting customer base.

What do I mean by this? For example Hyundai uses the same tactics to market their cars to not only the new younger generation but to those worried about the class status of their vehicle and what it in turn says about them. Like the design of a Hyundai but fear that you will be looked down upon for owning a cheap Korean car? Well look no further because for people who can’t tell the difference between a Mercedes Benz and a Hyundai without the hood ornament, all it takes is a new symbol.

The reason why I know it is working is because not only have people in LA been embracing the new design but because people who know me send me pictures of new Hyundai’s thinking it is a more expensive car that I might be interested in taking a look at. Yes, it’s happened. To the average Joe Shmoe the new Hyundai Genesis has the look of a brand new luxury sedan. The body shape of the Hyundai Genesis is basically the love child of the Toyota Camry and the Mercedes Benz S550 plus or minus an awkward looking grill


Hyundai Genesis

Toyota Camry

Mercedes Benz S550 (Brabus)

See the resemblance? But by taking off the Hyundai symbol that used to come on the older models it has boosted sales incredibly. When the Hyundai Genesis first went on sale August of 2008 sales were dismal but now but sales rose to over 21,000 vehicles in 2009 and they are expected to sell over 50,000 units every year from here on out. That’s a big jump from 6,000 units in 5 months.

But the marketing ploys don’t stop here. Toyota has the Lexus, Nissan has the Infinity so Hyundai wanted their own Premium Brand name as well so they created the Equus brand.

But instead of being original they have borrowed from many designs to make only an inferior copy of greatness. Basically they’ve made a rear wheel drive platform vehicle copy to try and sell to the mass population as a luxury sedan.

Unoriginal qualities

-The name itself is a Latin term meaning horse or steed. (Real Original).

-The hood ornament looks AWFULLY similar to the Rolls Royce flying woman emblem.

-Mercedes S Class body frame from the top/front & BMW 5/6 series frame from side and back.

-Double between Lincoln grill and the split grill BMW is known for.

-Mercedes Benz headlights / tail lights

Why would I pay over $60,000 for a mere shoddy replica of a nice car?

Heavy curb weight, horrible turning diameter, 15mpg…

It’s one thing to pay $34,000 on a car that looks expensive (Genesis) but it’s another thing to spend twice that on something that is basically the same but just has a V8 instead of a V6. Did I mention you get better gas mileage from the Genesis?

It’s hard to find anything that offsets the Equus from the Genesis. There is no WOW factor, even reviewers claim that this is the new Mercedes. Just because you copy the shape and look does not mean that the S class is replaceable. There is a reason the Mercedes Benz S Class keeps winning the Best Luxury Sedan of the year award.

For people who know nothing about cars and want to believe that the Hyudai Equus is better than the Mercedes Benz S Class, they can go right ahead into thinking so. Don’t fall for the branding marketing ploys of Hyundai.

Low Torque, Inferior Interior, no All wheel drive = THAT is what you’re getting from the Equus.

Coming from a family who owns multiple S Class Mercedes, never have they disappointed me in horsepower, interior design or driving capabilities.

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8 thoughts on “Hyundai Genesis & Equus Marketing Tactics

  1. FrankC says:

    The Genesis is nice. 2 of my friends bought a Hyunday, one a Sonota and the other is an Elentra.

  2. ouch! your criticisms are valid, but i say give it time. m-b has about a hundred-year head start on hyundai (no, really), so comparing the two is a bit like bringing a knife to a gun fight. a car company doesn’t mature overnight, and everyone needs to start somewhere.

    regardless of what you may think of these cars (and i’m not saying i love them), objectively their recent growth is nothing short of impressive. they’re not done yet.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      I understand that car brands are not built overnight. I was addressing other people’s comments that the Hyundai Genesis and the Equus have replaced the Mercedes Benz as far as luxury sedans go and I am trying to say that that is obviously not the case.

      What would be impressive is some creativity which Korean car companies have not shown. They’ve copied everything from MB to Jaguar and any car expert can tell you that. If they want to become the next new brand they have to produce superior products that are original to themselves and not just copies of models that sell well.

  3. carlo says:

    Hallo SerialPrincess!

    I have a nice story about MB. Recently I took a taxi in Milan. The cab driver was an old, sweet man in his eighties. You could see he had more mileage in his eyes than under his wheels. He owned a 1994 200D 5-cylinder Mercedes Benz. Since I think cab drivers are the most informed people in the world because they speak to thousand of people and, most of all, see what happens at street level, I always like to engage a conversation with them, talking about many things, from politics to philosophy and – of course – cars! I asked him about his MB and he told me the car had a staggering 550.000 miles on the odometer. I was gobsmacked!
    He told me he had never done a single repair on the engine, limiting its expenses to brakes pads and oil changes. He also told me MB doesn’t produce quality cars as good as in the past. In order to save money and to shorten the lifespan of the vehicles for marketing reason, they replaced metal with plastic parts, and placing a sort of electronic time-bomb that starts giving you small but ever more frequent headaches, so that after a while you just get rid of your car and buy a new one. This dodgy strategy (which I don’t fully aknowledge because it sound suicidal for a brand) seems to be popular also in computer and smart phone industry. The cab driver told me he would never give his battered MB for a new one.
    No way! I asked him about other brands. He said: “if I had to buy a new car, I would go for a Hyundai or a Kia.”

    I definitely agree. Korean cars are top quality and have improved their design throughout the years. Only the snob look at them with ananchronistic contempt.


    • The thing is, I understand both points of view. We have 3 old school Benz’s that have never had any engine issues or anything else wrong with them and I love them all to death. Thing is though, I’ve had new Hyundais and Kias and to be honest they don’t last longer than a couple years even with scheduled maintenance, premium gas, love and care. That’s why I can write this blog entry well versed in both Benz’s as well as new Korean cars. If you want to call me a snob, so be it.

      • carlo says:

        Nothing personal, SerialPrincess,
        When it’s down to cars, eberybody has his or her own stories to tell. For what I can say, I still drive a Nissan Terrano with 250,000 miles on it. ,In 12 yrs I never did any maintainance or spent a penny on repairements. Blissful, sturdy I have a Bmw (two wheels only) that is a legend.

      • Haha. Thanks. Yeah, to each their own.

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