CP3? Nah~ It’s more like CP0 for 2

I’m studying for my finals tomorrow but I got a little restless so I thought I’d see what’s happening with the Clippers – Pistons game and the Clippers are EATING DIRT!

Not only is Blake Griffin diving head first into the crowd messing shit up the whole team is playing below par.

Rude. Hahahaha.

End of the 3rd Quarter stats

FGM-A = 42.1%
3PM-A = 10.0%
FTM-A = 72.7%

They’ve only made 1 out of 10 3 point attempts AND it was made by Mo Williams! Oh yeah! Mo’s still got it! (By the way, I can’t diss Mo because I’ve watched him for years playing next to Lebron…he doesn’t deserve to be on the bench!)

I think Young needs some more practice with his team before he can be of any real help to them. He’s made 1 out of 6 shots, 1 out of 7 if you count the 3 pointer he missed. Then again…he’s made just as many points as all the starters have while playing half the time so maybe not. At least SOMEONE can make all their free throws… *ahem* Not like I really care though.

The more the clippers lose the better!

And the Hawks beat the Cavs today.

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4 thoughts on “CP3? Nah~ It’s more like CP0 for 2

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Ha ha I can’t believe you are so hard on the Clippers. They will be great in two years, you just wait and see :).

  2. Last time I checked dunks do not guarantee you home court or a free pass to an NBA championship. Its unfortunate that players development gets stunted once they make it to the NBA. In college Blake Griffin could shoot a jumper and was consistent from the free throw stripe, but now in the NBA he has become a one-dimensonal player only good for the occasional sportcenter highlight. Dunkers do not last long in this league, and if Blake does not develop the other parts of his game his impact on the Clippers will be minimal at best. For the record, I’d take Kevin Love over Blake Griffin any day, hands down!!!

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