Game 7

It’s a close game…maybe a little TOO close if you ask me.


Not okay. But Lebron and Wade are closing the gaps but they’ll need to tighten up their offensive game. No more turnovers and don’t let Bass have any more steals than he already does. Lebron needs to dominate like he did in Game 6.

But that two on one steal by Lebron and Wade was pretty sweet.

Watch this awesome block by Lebron. Fast break DENIED!

Let’s go Miami!

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5 thoughts on “Game 7

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    This team wouldn’t make the playoffs without Lebron :).

    • I don’t know…they made it once with Wade and Shaq.

      • jumpingpolarbear says:

        Yeah, Shaq and Gary Payton. 2 Hall of famers. They would make the playoff without him, especially with Bosh, but LeBron is the one that makes them a great team!

      • I hope he gets this ring. I’m tired of people talking shit about him when they don’t know jack. He scores just as many points during the playoffs so all of this nonsense about him giving up during the playoffs needs to just stop.

      • jumpingpolarbear says:

        Perfectly said. Could not agree more Princess!

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