DIY of the day

After my job interview this morning I had some time to kill so I decided to take a nice long walk to the neighborhood Goodwill and guess what I found? I was going to buy this EXACT frame at Sears but instead of paying $10 for this at Sears I ended up finding the same frame at Goodwill for about $3. You have no idea how excited I was to get home so I could make my little photo collage!

The nice thing was that these frames are the perfect size for the mini polaroids that I’ve been taking with my Fujifilm Instant Camera that I bought in Hong Kong. I’ve been having fun putting up all my art pieces from home up and this photo collage was JUST the perfect piece for our living room! I can’t wait to  fill this place up with art and more DIY projects!

And last week my great friend Phoebe sent me this BEAUTIFUL Adventure Time piece! She knew about my little Adventure Time art collection and it was so sweet of her to find a piece and send it to me. And instead of framing it, because there are no decent frame stores in Hawaii, I have found another use for it!

I’m going to use it as a calendar top to our little schedule board! (Excuse my legs). I’m psyched that our apartment is coming together!…Now I just need to find a replacement glass piece for that Wilt Chamberlain print but I will leave that for another day. Yay for art and DIY!

Now it’s time for more Storage Wars & Toddlers and Tiaras!


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