What’s better than getting NBA stuff in the mail?

Absolutely nothing.

I got a shirt for both Mark and I and I absolutely love them both!

Please ignore the stupid face.

For Mark I got the classic, “He’s on fire BOOM SHAKA LAKA” shirt.

And for me I got the Miami Heat NBA Champions 8 bit Tshirt! I don’t care if it doesn’t actually look like them. I love it anyways!

I’m sorry about the lack of blog posts. I’ve been working 6 days straight and I have another 2 to go before I get a day off so it’s been a little stressful.

But I am excited for tonight! It’s the finale of both The Bachelorette and Food Network Star! We all know Jef and Justin are going to win. Am I the only one who thinks they look very similar? Justin just has a bigger hair poof than Jef. Either way the endings for both shows won’t be all that surprising.

Will write more soon! God, why is it so hot in Hawaii?!

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2 thoughts on “What’s better than getting NBA stuff in the mail?

  1. FrankC says:

    Love the shirts…NBA JAMs was the game back in the days….awesome..BOOM-Shaka-laka!

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