Why is there a Top Gear America?

That is just wrong.

If I wanted to watch a bunch of dorky American dudes talking out of their asses about cars they don’t know jack shit about I would just go…just about anywhere.

If I wanted to hear a racer, actor and analyst about cars I might as well go ask Arie from The Bachelorette because I think even HE could tell me more about cars than these three knuckleheads.

Yes there has been a rising popularity in automobiles among our youth but we already have the original Top Gear as well as new shows like Counting Cars and American Choppers and what not. Do we REALLY need an AMERICAN Top Gear? Why does America have to ruin existing shows?

I hope all three of them get tractor foot!

(It’s an inside joke for those of you who have seen Here Comes Honey Boo Boo).

Die American Top Gear Die!

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3 thoughts on “Why is there a Top Gear America?

  1. Maxxy says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Our original Top Gear is built on the British Sarcastic humour, which I’m afraid just doesn’t translate over there. The US version is the worst I’ve seen. And it’s a shame, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE cars. ( Used to own a Porsche 911 for a while – the 996 C4 Cabrio version ). And the Bentley in your other post IS TO DIE FOR.

  2. rabbit says:

    I have only seen one episode of the crappy US version and it lack everything the original has.

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