*Edited March 17rd 2012*

Name: Ayumi K.

Location: Los Angeles, CA (for now)
Soon to be Hawaii~

Current Obsession: Classic Cars & The NBA

Music Interests: Queen, Britney Spears, New Order, Depeche Mode, The Black Keys, Foo Fighters, Michael Jackson, Soft Cell, Young the Giant, Foster the People, Musicals, Oldies, 80s pop music

Favorite Video Games: Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock 1&2, Dead Rising 2, Yakuza 3, Dead Island, Portal 2, ANYTHING WITH ZOMBIES IN IT

Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy, South Park, The Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy, Six Feet Under, Mad Men, The IT Crowd, American Dad, Law&Order SVU, The Walking Dead

Favorite Cars: Benz C280 (My baby), Volvo P1800, Triumph TR6, Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley Continental, Datsun 240z…AND AND…there’s just SO many to choose from.

Favorite Sports Teams: Lakers & Denver Broncos<3 ( I follow a couple other NBA teams as well).

Favorite NBA Players: Derek Fisher, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Mike Bibby and some others…

Favorite Authors: Vladimir Nabokov, Cormac McCarthy, Ian McEwan, Stephen King, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Stendhal, Gogol
I also love WWII history books.

Hobbies: Travel, Shopping, Reading, Video Games, Art, Cars (New & Classic), Writing

Basically, I just write about what goes on in my life everyday and what my thoughts on the goings on in life. Same as anyone else’s blog really. I love using writing as a creative outlet and why not share when you have opinions and thoughts right? Doesn’t hurt to get feedback or interactions from others either. Writing’s always a learning experience and you can’t be afraid to be who you are, especially when it comes to writing.

15 thoughts on “Princess

  1. carlo says:

    Hallo Serial Princess,

    thank you for subscribing to Brandpowder. You know what? Among my favorite authors there are McCarthy and McEwan. Glad we have something in common…


  2. Maxxy says:

    Really loving your fashion style. Also loving your pussy…….( ROLF – what did you think I meant ?? 😉 – and lala is so cute. Added you to my favourite list…..

  3. Devyn (Devo) says:

    Gonna follow this blog everyday! Luv ya princessss!!!

  4. gilberto says:

    Also, a fan of McCarthy. Nice Datsun post 🙂

  5. In your video game likes, how are you not a Mass Effect fan? And have you yet to read On The Road. I saw your like on one of my posts, so I ventured here to see who it was. You are nerdy which is great! But you need more in ya! If that came out right

    • Thanks for the comment!

      -I’m on the PS3. Maybe I’ll play it now that it’s on my console.
      -Haven’t read any Kerouac yet but I promise it is on my list of MUST READS.
      -Need more? Like what? Hahaha.

  6. Last part came out wrong obviously! I meant more nerd in the way I meant you needed to read and play what I suggested, lol. My bad.

  7. athlister says:

    like the blog girl keep it goin… Larry De1K gamertag on xbox live, lets get some MW3 poppin

  8. Syed says:

    nabakov is my favourite writer too….and you’re into vintage cars…and you’re beautiful too…so cool.

  9. FrankC says:

    The Nets just got old really quick. Pierce, Garnett, JJohnson, and DWill might have a shot in the 2013-14 season. I hope the Warriors can land a big like Millsap or Iggy.

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