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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 13 Recap/Review


That’s the link of my article on our university press.

This week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” seems to be the last calm before the storm. The episode opens with Rick, Daryl and Hershel at an abandoned warehouse waiting for the Governor to show up for their scheduled meeting. Rick and Daryl make sure the place is clear while Hershel keeps the car running in case of an emergency. As Rick slowly makes his way inside, the Governor walks out from behind the shadows to greet him. Why Rick’s group would trust naive Andrea and her disillusioned attempt at making peace is beyond me. The Governor, of course, even after claiming to have taken off the only gun on him, has a spare one taped on his side of the table. Just like a scene from “The Godfather,” the Governor has set up this meeting with exact precision, leaving nothing to chance.

Rick doesn’t buy his act for a second and even goes so far as to say, “You’re the town drunk, nothing more,” to which the Governor responds by asking if he has misjudged him and the situation. Rick wants to believe that they can work things out, but deep down he knows this man is incapable of coming to a rational compromise.

Because of what Andrea had told him earlier, Rick thought this meeting was arranged so they could discuss which territories each group would take, but it wasn’t at all. Instead, the Governor gives Rick something to think about: He promises that the prison and his group will be left alone if they surrender Michonne to him. But how can you trust a man who is ruthless beyond repair? And after the last episode where Rick and Carl finally started to bond with Michonne, how could Rick give up one of his own for the good of the group?

He has no absolute guarantee that the Governor will keep his word once Michonne is in his hands. The Governor even said that he would prefer the group to stay in the prison rather than leave so that he could keep his one good eye on their group, which comes off as more threatening than comforting.


The one reassuring part of this episode has to be the bond developed between Daryl and Martinez. Like a lot of frontier adventure stories, when men are left with no source of entertainment they resort to hunting as a way of testing strengths as well as making a fun challenge. Although zombie killing may not be the traditional element in which men bond, Daryl and Martinez are able to make a game out of the situation, which in turn lightens the mood and allows everyone to be human for a while. This battle of strength not only lets the two of them relax but also form connections with each other that will possibly come in handy if they meet again.

Hershel, too, is seen having a moment with Milton when they talk about their specific situations in the zombie apocalypse. Milton is a bit too inquisitive, saying that this information is for science and record-keeping, but Hershel starts to open up a little by joking with him to lighten the mood. When Milton asks to see the leg, Hershel responds by saying that he barely knows the guy, but by the end he is laughing and saying, “At least buy me a drink first.”


Right after the Governor asks Rick to hand over Michonne, it cuts to Merle asking Michonne to come with him to save the group from the Governor. Is Merle part of the group, or is he still working for the Governor? Was he trying to convince Michonne to come with him for revenge as a decoy? No one can be sure.

Because Rick knows that surrendering Michonne would not save his group, he doesn’t inform the group about this counteroffer. He even asks Hershel to talk him out of it because he knows that she has earned her place by saving multiple people in their group. The Governor keeps mentioning the word “choice,” but does Rick’s group really have a choice? Hershel suggests that they could do well on the road, but Rick is not one to give up. If Rick thinks that the Governor killing Michonne is beneath him, he has another thing coming.

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The Walking Dead Episode 3 Episode 12 ‘Clear’ Analysis

Like last week I’ve done a review of this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. If you haven’t watched it, or don’t want any spoilers, STOP READING!

*Spoiler Alert*

Road Trip

This is the episode that walking dead fans have been waiting for for 3 seasons now. But before I get into that let’s start at the beginning of the episode. This episode centers around Rick, Carl and Michonne on their little road trip to find weapons to help protect the prison from the terrible threat that is the Governor. While on the road they pass by a backpacker who is very much alive and seemingly healthy but none of them do anything to try and help the poor fellow. What happened to the Rick that wanted and tried to help every living thing within his reach? Even Michonne helped Andrea survive in the middle of the woods. (Although most of us wish that she hadn’t). It becomes apparent, at this point, that all three of them have become hardened and cold in order to survive the day to day struggle to stay alive. They don’t think twice about leaving the guy in the middle of the road.

And who decides to finally show up 3 seasons later? Morgan. For those of you who don’t remember him, Morgan and his son were the ones that saved Rick as he was teetering home from the hospital unaware of what had happened to the world while he was in a coma. Fans wanted to know what had happened to Morgan and tonight they finally got their answer. Not only had he stayed in the same town that Rick had met him in, but he was able to put together an elaborate setup to keep the walkers at bay. Pretty amazing if you ask me. It looked like something right out of Indiana Jones. There were spear-like rods to impale walkers, barbed wires delicately placed to trap and stop them from advancing further and even welcome mats with a knife contraption carefully placed underneath. This man has thought of it all! Using animals in cages to attract and distract zombies, priceless! I wish I could have thought of that!

But like Rick, Morgan, who can be seen as Rick’s double, had gone a bit crazy so when Rick’s group encroached on his territory he told them to drop their stuff and go. But of course, things aren’t always that easy when it comes to dealing with these three so they decided to shoot him to try and get his rifle. And at this point, Rick didn’t know that it was Morgan because he had been wearing a mask the whole time. Michonne and Rick both tried to kill him but it was finally Carl who had shot the masked man later to be known as Morgan. But luckily it turned out that Morgan had raided the police station and had been wearing a bulletproof vest when Carl had shot him. Morgan was only knocked out due to the concussion caused by his fall from the shot to the chest. And upon safely entering into his house, Rick and Michonne were able to gather supplies to bring back to camp.

Carl and Michonne

Carl, on the other hand, discovered Morgan’s hand drawn chalk map of the town which noted that Rick’s house had been burnt down since. Knowing that he wouldn’t have another opportunity to be in the same town that he had grown up in, Carl wanted to grab a picture of his mother for Judith, Carl’s newborn sister, to have so that she would know what her mother had looked like. But wanting to do this by himself he used the guise of getting a new crib for Judith from around the corner at the local kid’s store to convince his father to let him go. Michonne, who has really started to become an integral part of Rick’s group, persuaded Carl that he would need a helping hand in order to carry the crib back and he finally agreed. At one point Carl tries to pull a fast one on Michonne so that he can go get the picture by himself but Michonne soon catches up to Carl and decides to help him instead of letting him go by himself. It turns out that the local restaurant has a picture of Rick and Lori together hanging as part of some wall decoration. They send in Morgan’s rat cage on a skateboard decoy to safely sneak inside and once they’re in, Carl grabs the photo but as they try for the door it turns out that one of the rats have escaped and they will have to fight their way out. And on the way out Carl drops the photo amongst the midst of zombies and by this point the zombies are all crowded by the door. Carl insists on going back in but Michonne stops him and says that she will get the picture. And just like that, Michonne goes around the corner for a split second and is magically back with the framed picture. How? I have no idea. She also brings a rainbow paper mache cat with her saying that she couldn’t resist. This is the first real episode where we hear Michonne talk and express herself. I have never seen her more human than she was in today’s episode. And because of this undeniable bond that has been built between Carl and Michonne, Carl now knows that Michonne is here to stay.


After Rick zipties Morgan’s hands together so that he doesn’t do anything rash when he comes to, he walks around the room reading the various chalk writings all around the walls. And again and again on the walls is the word ‘Clear’. What it means, Rick has no idea at this point. Then he comes upon one space of the wall that says, “Duane has turned”. Duane was Morgan’s son and after Morgan comes to he tells Rick that because he wasn’t able to kill his wife, who had turned, that when he left Duane alone to search a cellar for goods that his son was confronted by his zombie mother but was unable to shoot her and was therefore bitten and turned.

When Morgan finally does come to he is able to cut through the zipties with a knife kept in his bed and he attacks Rick, not knowing who he really is. Morgan keeps saying that the dead wear people’s faces and that he knows no one. The most climactic moment in this whole episode is when Morgan stabs Rick in the shoulder shouting that he, Rick, is not ‘Clear’. Being a lot like Rick, after the emotional stress of having lost loved ones, Morgan has just about lost his mind. Rick pulls a gun on Morgan after he is shot and Morgan begs to be killed so that he will no longer have to suffer but Rick can’t do it. Rick makes him understand who he is by showing him the walkie talkie which leads to the whole conversation about his son. Needless to say, Rick wants Morgan to come with him but Morgan knows better than to go to the prison knowing that the need for guns means that there are people who are out for them. Maybe since Rick was able to see how crazy Morgan had become, he will finally realize how he has been just as crazy since Lori’s death. If this can be a turning point for Rick then his group has a chance of survival against the Governor’s army.

Talking to the Dead

As they are loading up their car full of guns and ammo Rick is seen looking off into the distance until Michonne asks if he sees something. Michonne, along with everyone else at the prison, knows that Rick has been seeing things but instead of ignoring it or passing it off as odd behavior, she tries to connect with Rick in her own way. Michonne opens up to Rick saying that she too would talk to her dead boyfriend from time to time. This is more readily seen in the graphic novel but it is something new for the TV series. Michonne is becoming a fully developed character that viewers can not only love but relate to.
The episode ends with Rick’s car passing by a zombie who is feeding on a fresh kill and as they pass it they see the same orange camper’s backpack that the guy had been wearing. They stop the car to pick it up like it was no big deal and they go back on their way. What has become of everyone’s humanity? The needs for supplies and weapons surpass the compassion shown for the fellow man which can be applied to both the prison and the Woodbury group. Rick has become like the Governor in his quest to keep his group alive and only time will tell who will be able to come out on top. And again this week they end the episode with a song that goes, “O lord, lead me through the darkness”. And what Rick’s group will be dealing with is exactly that, darkness, and they will need all the help they can get to survive it.

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Roller Derby + Musical + KBBQ = BEST WEEKEND EVER!


This is my all the stuff I did this weekend!

The picture above is from my lunch that I got at one of the food trucks at school. I got Red Thai Curry with Saffron Rice and it was DELICIOUS!!! I need to eat at this place more often! Hot damn! They always have amazing smoothies and the cutest girls but I didn’t know that they had good food too.


Later on Friday night we went to Korean Barbecue with Eman and Bri!

Boy was it delicious! Bri had never been to KBBQ but she liked it quite a bit!

Just looking at this picture makes me want to go back for more. YUM!

The fun doesn’t stop there! After dinner we went to a Roller Derby bout at the Palama Settlement!



Contrary to the first banner we saw the South Shore Sirens vs the Topic Thunder and it was amazing!

The Sirens were down the whole first half but after the intermission they came back with full force!

Bri and Eman hadn’t been to a roller derby bout either so it was something new for them but I think they enjoyed themselves!

The Thunder ended up winning by 3 points but boy was it amazing!

I think I fell in love with one of the female refs AND Misfit Mayhem from the Tropic Thunder.

Some of these girls were AMAZING! UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING!

Props to them for being able to do something so hardcore!


My Saturday was just as exciting too!

We had to buy some new sheets for our bed so it was an excuse to go to Ala Moana.

I mailed off a package for a friend and I picked up some neat stamps too!

Muscle Cars! I LOVE THEM!


And guess what else they were selling outside the post office?



I had to limit myself. I only picked up a box of Samoas and Dulce de Leche cookies!

I’ve waited so long to taste the sweet that is so rare.


And then we went to see a high school performance of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

I thought they were good for high schoolers. Some parts were miscast and the dancing was off at times. But what can you expect?

I still enjoyed it none the less!

And look forward to my Walking Dead Review that I will post in a few!

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I didn’t even know what the Harlem Shake was…and now the Heat are doing it.

Top 5 March Video Game Releases


Need a little reward after a grueling midterms week? Lucky for students, the month of March is filled with new and exciting game releases week after week. Everything from a brand new reboot of the Tomb Raider classic to the next installment of the ever popular first-person shooter BioShock Infinite. The only hard decision is…which one to play first.
Tomb Raider

The first on the list is Square Enix’s Tomb Raider, which is set to be released on March 5th. Unlike the previous Tomb Raider games, Square Enix has revamped the story to make this the first of a series of games to follow. The reboot was used to overhaul the beginnings of the ever popular character Lara Croft. Her transformation from an unsure young woman to an ass-kicking superstar is tracked through this new story, made for both the newer generation of gamers as well as the long time followers. It is also the first Tomb Raider game to be given both an “M” (Mature) and a “18+” warning on the label. The art style also greatly resembles that of the Final Fantasy series.
A perfect fit for the island of Hawaii, the story takes place on an unknown island where a young Lara Croft has become shipwrecked with her crew, while on her way to make something of herself. And it is up to her to survive and help her shipmates while fighting off deadly inhabitants turned mercenaries that are out for blood.

This action-adventure platform game will be available for the XBOX360, PS3 and PC. There are two versions up for sale, the Tomb Raider: Final Hours Edition will be the usual $59.99 + tax, while the Tomb Raider Survival/Collector’s Edition is $99.99 + tax. The Collector’s Edition comes with: 1) a copy of the game, 2) Play Arts Kai Lara Croft Figurine, 3) Endurance Survival Kit Packaging, 4) a Lithographic Print, 5) Experience Shields, 6) CD Soundtrack, and 7) Downloadable content.

God of War: Ascension

The next must have for this gaming season is God of War: Ascension, which is set to be released March 12th. This will be the seventh installment in the God of War series and it will be a prequel to the entire series.
God of War: Ascension takes place about 10 years before the original God of War series and is mostly centered around the theme of vengeance. Gamers will be playing as Kratos, but what will be different about this game is that Kratos is much more human. After being tricked by Ares into killing his wife and son, he is on a quest for redemption which also leads to his attempt to break bonds with Ares.
This third person action-adventure game will be released exclusively for the PS3. What’s more is that this will be the first game in the God of War series to have a multiplayer feature, as well as extra downloadable content. God of War fans won’t want to miss out! The regular edition is set to retail for $59.99 + tax, while the God of War: Ascension Collector’s Edition is set at a price of $79.99. The Collector’s Edition will include: 1) a copy of the game, 2) Exclusive 6″ Kratos Statue, 3) Premium Steelbook case, 4) a digital copy of the Official Soundtrack, 5) PS3 Dynamic Theme, 6) PSN Avatar Pack, 7) Multiplayer XP Boost Unlock, and 8) a pass for future downloadable content.
Gears of War: Judgment

And with every PS3 exclusive game there comes an XBOX360 exclusive game. Gears of War: Judgment is set to release March 19th. This game will be the fourth in the Gears of War series.
Like most of the games being released this month, Gears of War: Judgment is a prequel to the other three in the series with the chronology of events in this game predating the rest. The protagonists in this game being Damon Baird and Augustus Cole. Gamers get to follow the Kilo Squad battle their way to try and save the city of Halvo Bay in the subsequent aftermath of Emergence Day.
Made for the XBOX360, this epic third-person shooter is priced at $59.99 + tax for the regular copy and $78.00 + tax for the Gears of War Judgment EB Games Special Edition. The special edition, which is only available at EB Games, comes with a Steelbook and multiplayer skins. The game will also feature two new multiplayer modes for gamers to try out.
BioShock Infinite

Third in the BioShock series, BioShock Infinite is set to be released on March 26th.
Set in 1912, BioShock Infinite does not follow the same storyline as the first two in the series. This new game is instead set in the floating air-city of Columbia where gamers get to play as Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton agent, who has been sent to rescue the long time captive Elizabeth. Although Booker is successful in saving the 12-year detainee Elizabeth, it is up to them both to fight off the different factions of the city of Columbia. But not to stray too far from the original series, gamers will still get to use the same style combination of weapons, gear and psychokinetic powers. A plus that gamers can look forward to in this new game is the expansion of available combat challenges due to the open-air nature of the setting.
This first person shooter will be available on the XBOX360, PS3 and PC. The regular edition is set to retail at $59.99, while the premium edition is set at $79.99. There is also a rare Ultimate Songbird Collection that has been seen priced at around $300 to $550.
StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

And the ever popular StarCraft series is finally releasing the long awaited expansion pack for StarCraft: Wings of Liberty. StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm is also part two of the StarCraft II trilogy. The expansion pack will include additional units as well as changes to the multiplayer mode. Also featured is a continuation campaign of the main story that focuses on the Zerg race.

Set to take place two years after the events of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, the main focus of this game will be on the Zerg race and on Sarah Kerrigan, who will be the protagonist as well as the anti-hero. Having regained her human form, Sarah is on a crusade to gain back leadership of her swarm, that has now been divided into many factions, while exacting vengeance on Arcturus Mengsk, Emperor of the Terran Dominion.

This military science fiction real-time strategy game developed by Blizzard is set to be released March 12th on PC and OS X. The regular edition will be priced as an expansion pack and will cost $39.99, where the collector’s edition is set at $79.99. In the collector’s edition gamers get: 1) a copy of the game, 2) exclusive behind the scenes dvd & blu-Ray 2-disc set, 3) soundtrack and art book, 4) Zero Rush mouse pad, and 5) exclusive in-game content.

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Must see musicals before you die Top 100


Since we’re learning about Hollywood Musicals in our film class I thought I’d go over the IMDB Top 100 list and see how many I can cross off the list!

These are in no particular order so no debate wars on which musical is better than the other!

Total seen: 31/100 (not bad…)

List of Hollywood Movie Musicals

1. The Wizard of Oz 1939 
2. Mary Poppins 1964 
3. Singin’ in the Rain 1952
4. All That Jazz 1979
5. Fiddler on the Roof 1971
6. West Side Story 1961
7. Gypsy 1962
8. The Sound of Music 1965 
9. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory 1971 
10. Annie 1982 
11. Cabaret 1972
12. Bye Bye Birdie 1963 
13. The Music Man 1962 
14. The King and I 1956
15. My Fair Lady 1964 
16. Oliver! 1968
18. Little Shop of Horrors 1986
19. The Fantasticks 1995
20. The Pirates of Penzance 1983
21. Meet Me in St. Louis 1944 
22. A Star Is Born 1954
23. Chicago 2002 
24. The Producers 2005 
25. How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying 1967
26. Victor Victoria 1982
27. A Little Night Music 1977
28. Funny Girl 1968 
29. Damn Yankees! 1958
30. Guys and Dolls 1955 
31. Annie Get Your Gun 1950
32. Hello, Dolly! 1969
33. Thoroughly Modern Millie 1967
34. The Harvey Girls 1946
35. Porgy and Bess 1959
36. Anything Goes 1956
37. Babes in Toyland 1961
38. Brigadoon 1954
39. Paint Your Wagon 1969
40. Sweet Charity 1969
41. Mame 1974 
42. Camelot 1967
43. A Chorus Line 1985
44. Fame 1980
45. Dreamgirls 2006
46. Finian’s Rainbow 1968
47. 42nd Street 1933 
48. Gigi 1958
49. Hairspray 2007
50. Kiss Me Kate 1953
51. Li’l Abner 1959
52. Hair 1979
53. Cinderella 1997 TV Movie
54. Nine 2009
55. Grease 1978 
56. The Mikado 1939
57. Peter Pan 1960 TV Movie
58. The Phantom of the Opera 2004 
59. Pippin: His Life and Times 1981 TV Movie
60. Beauty and the Beast 1991
61. Aladdin 1992
62. The Lion King 1994
63. The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1996
64. Gypsy 1993 TV Movie
65. Annie 1999 TV Movie
66. The Music Man 2003 TV Movie
67. Girl Crazy 1943
68. South Pacific 1958
69. Rent 2005
70. Across the Universe 2007
71. The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993
72. Fame 2009
73. Moulin Rouge! 2001
74. On the Town 1949
75. Oklahoma! 1955
76. South Pacific 2001 TV Movie
77. Tommy 1975
78. The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975
79. Jesus Christ Superstar 1973
80. Godspell: A Musical Based on the Gospel According to St. Matthew 1973
81. 1776 1972
82. Show Boat 1951
83. Evita 1996
84. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 1966
85. Bells Are Ringing 1960
86. The Happiest Millionaire 1967
87. Jailhouse Rock 1957
88. The Band Wagon 1953
89. Easter Parade 1948
90. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1953
91. Silk Stockings 1957
92. Mamma Mia! 2008
93. Yentl 1983
94. La vie en rose 2007
95. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 1954
96. Bye Bye Birdie 1995
97. Carousel 1956
98. Mack the Knife 1989
99. White Christmas 1954 
100. Night and Day

Top 100 Stage Musicals

Total seen: 12/100

Although I’ve seen some multiple times. Thank God Cats wasn’t on this list…

I put a number next to how many times I’ve seen it live!

  1. Gypsy
  2. My Fair Lady (x1)
    (I did it for my elementary school play).
  3. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  4. Guys and Dolls (x1)
  5. Fiddler on the Roof
  6. Oklahoma! (x1)
  7. Cabaret
  8. West Side Story (x1)
  9. The Music Man (x1)
    (Also put on by our elementary school).
  10. A Chorus Line
  11. Chicago (x1)
  12. The Fantasticks
  13. Show Boat
  14. Carousel
  15. Company
  16. Sunday in the Park With George
  17. The King and I
  18. Little Shop of Horrors
  19. How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (x1)
    (We’re supposed to go see it this Saturday!)
  20. Nine
  21. She Loves Me
  22. Falsettos
  23. Ragtime
  24. Kiss Me, Kate
  25. A Little Night Music
  26. 1776
  27. Into the Woods
  28. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
  29. Urinetown (x1)
  30. Evita
  31. Dreamgirls
  32. 110 in the Shade
  33. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
  34. Hair
  35. Hello, Dolly!
  36. Follies
  37. La Cage aux Folles
  38. The Producers (x3)
  39. Lady in the Dark
  40. City of Angels
  41. Avenue Q (x1)
  42. The Book of Mormon
  43. Grey Gardens
  44. 42nd Street
  45. Brigadoon
  46. The Cradle Will Rock
  47. The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
  48. Jesus Christ Superstar
  49. Once on This Island
  50. Adding Machine
  51. Wicked
  52. Les Miserables (x1)
  53. Bat Boy
  54. Caroline, or Change
  55. South Pacific
  56. The Pajama Game
  57. The Sound of Music
  58. Hairspray
  59. The Phantom of the Opera (x2)
    (Once in English and once in Japanese).
  60. Damn Yankees
  61. Rent
  62. Assassins
  63. Mame
  64. Man of La Mancha
  65. A Man of No Importance
  66. You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
  67. Sweet Charity
  68. Camelot
  69. Anything Goes
  70. Wonderful Town
  71. The Light in the Piazza
  72. The Drowsy Chaperone
  73. The Full Monty
  74. Romance/Romance
  75. Godspell
  76. Of Thee I Sing
  77. On the Town
  78. The Secret Garden
  79. Pippin
  80. Kiss of the Spider Woman
  81. Finian’s Rainbow
  82. Pal Joey
  83. Annie Get Your Gun
  84. Pacific Overtures
  85. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  86. On Your Toes
  87. Candide
  88. Annie
  89. Beauty and the Beast
  90. Ain’t Misbehavin’
  91. Bye Bye Birdie
  92. Jelly’s Last Jam
  93. A New Brain
  94. Floyd Collins
  95. Grand Hotel
  96. Violet
  97. A Day in Hollywood, A Night in the Ukraine
  98. Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in ‘da Funk
  99. The Scottsboro Boys
  100. Next to Normal
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I usually don’t reblog stuff but seriously, you guys have to watch this! It seriously made my day!

What's Your Tag?

Oh Boris, you’re such an easy target with that bright red Hawaiian shirt. At least it looks nice, covered in paintballs! Of course, I’m talking about GoldenEye 64, the FPS that started it all for consoles. Yes, that delicious race for the Proximity Mines has been recreated by the great folks at The Dangerous Brew,and it’s spot on. Check it out below and reminisce about the good old days when you didn’t have to aim up or down.


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