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I get to watch the Playoffs at work

How could anyone hate Chris Bosh when he is just so hilarious!

Everyone should love the Raptor!


Just watch him slowly dominate the screen while Lebron is having his little after game interview.

And I am so glad that the Pacers were able to massacre the Magic today.

Also surprised at how the Jazz just weren’t able to keep up with the Spurs today. Losing by 31 points IS pretty severe.

The Spurs had 7 players scoring in the double digits today which is pretty impressive. The Jazz just had an overall horrible shooting percentage today which just made it easier for the Spurs to clinch the win today.

And the Grizzlies need to keep up the lead through the 3rd till the end of the 4th to win it. This series might end up going all 7 games at the rate its at now.

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No ring ma but look what else I got?!

I was watching TNT last night at the Harbor Pub when Charles Barkley got DOUSED with champagne.

And for those of you who missed it, here it is:

After a while Kenny just refused to sit down and he eventually just ran off stage. I’d be scared if I was him too. I can only imagine what Charles did to him afterwords.

And I didn’t think Jordan Hill would be playing with his THIRD DEGREE FELONY ASSAULT on his girlfriend.

I guess it is what it is…he not only supposedly hit her but threw her up against a wall and choked her too. Scary.

I was surprised by the 76ers win and greatly disappointed by the Celtics last minute win against the Hawks.

Oh but…seriously? Emmy? What the fuck is a “Sports Emmy”? I am so confused…

Good for you Charles!

And I know the Lakers will whip the Nuggets. Kobe is having a great scoring game so I’m not too worried.

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Derek Fisher hitting those 3’s in OKC

I’m happy that Derek Fisher is not only getting playing time in Oklahoma but that he’s actually adjusting well.

Not only did he make a buzzer beater today right at the end of the first quarter,

he also made a sweet 3 pointer in the 4th quarter.

He’s made 5 out of 6 shots and 1 out of 2 3 pointers.

Another sweet win for the Thunder.


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I think Amare’s cornrows are a bit TOO tight

So Amare severely cut his hand. Didn’t see it during the game?

Well that’s because Amare apparently punched a fire extinguisher case from the frustration of losing to the Heat two playoffs game in a row.

I mean I’d be angry too but is it really a smart idea to do something that would result in more losses for the Knicks?

Come on Amare.

Lose the cornrows and the anger problem. The Heat and Lebron can’t be stopped and it’s not his fault.

But the Knicks need Amare especially since Iman Shumpert was hurt in the first playoffs game against the Heat.

Amare will be out for at least 2 games…but at this rate there will ONLY be two more games…

So much for that.

And Rondo’s been suspended for a game after being ejected yesterday for yelling at a ref.

This season and post season has just been so crazy.

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Who told you I like Magic?!

This is what I saw on the way to the Magic of Polynesia show at the Holiday Inn in Waikiki.

I want a “Porch of fuckin Indecision”!

I go there when I’m not really sure what to do with my life…hahaha

Which isn’t very often but when the time comes it is pretty handy.

Had a drink since it was my birthday but it was WEAK!

I couldn’t even taste the alcohol. If I’m paying $10+ dollars I want to be able to taste the Rum in there.

I guess it is what it is.

It was a pretty entertaining magic show. Mark remembered that I liked magic and since I went to the Magic Castle for my birthday last year it was a nice treat to have a little tradition going on for my birthday celebration.

I mean…who DOESN’T like magic?

They also had Polynesian dancers which was a nice touch.

We’ve also been going to Yogurtland pretty frequently.

They don’t change their flavors but I guess it’s kind of hard when you’re on an island. But I’m not complaining…they have both the Birthday Cupcake Batter and the Red Velvet Cake Batter so I am a happy camper!

It’s a nice long walk down to Yogurtland so it always feel like a bit of a reward.

And guess what I came home to the other day?

Cinnabon Churros!

Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever? They were pretty delicious too!


There is one thing that sucks about Hawaii. They keep playing all these commercials for different restaurants that don’t exist here in Hawaii.

There is no Sonics.
There is no IN n OUT.
There is no Del Taco.

And just as I typed that a Sonics commercial came on.

I can’t even remember all of them! Meh. It’s okay.

But look what Mark got me for a belated birthday gift while I was getting my hair and makeup done?

He got me a Tokidoki x Barbie shirt! It’s so cute! Haha it even kind of looks like me. Yay. Haha.

All in all I had an amazing birthday!

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I was going to write a blog about what I did for the rest of my birthday but FUCK IT!

You know why?

Because the Clippers just beat the Grizzlies by 1 fuckin goddamn point!



It’s okay. It’ll probably go to 6 to 7 games but I’m not worried.

The Clippers are still the WANNABE team of LA.

Here’s a clip of Dante Cunningham dunking over Blake Griffin though. That made me feel better.

And I am SICK AND TIRED of seeing Blake Griffin in his stupid Kia Optima commercials! BULLSHIT!

The Clippers aren’t going to go too far so I’m not too worried.



And here’s another clip of Zach keeping spirits high by showing his stuff on the floor!

The Lakers and the Heat HAVE THIS SHIT! So I’m not too worried.

I’ll write about my birthday later.

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Lebron is KILLING IT!

You know what time it is!

Fuckin Playoff Time!

And of course Lebron is just DOMINATING the competition!

The Knicks are getting pretty frustrated with how things are going…you can kind of tell with all the flagrant fouls and technicals that the Knicks are picking up today.

Lebron’s taken quite a beating today but NOTHING stops the King!

He’s taken a handful of charges like a champ! And he’s made some amazing shots a lot of them while being fouled.

Dwyane Wade has been sliding all over the floor too.

Lebron’s the leading scorer today with 27 points! Playin it like a BOSS!

And yes I am wearing my Lebron jersey today. Why wouldn’t I be? I’ll buy some more and mod them as the playoffs continue.

And the Bulls might just have to play without Rose for the rest of the playoffs.

We’re not sure how bad his injury is but he’s been out for a good portion of the regular season and it might just continue like that through the Playoffs. The Bulls will have no problem annihilating the Sixers but I don’t think they’ll be able to win the Championships without Rose.

Might be an ACL tear which is not good news for Rose or the Bulls.

On another note. Rose sold the most jerseys this year beating out some other superstars. It’s funny because I haven’t seen a Rose jersey on anyone this year.

Iman’s hurt. Ouch. Wade made an awesome shot though…well he’s made several awesome shots.

It’d be awesome if the Heat swept the Knicks but I give the Knicks 1 win in New York but no more than that.

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