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Fashion YES of the Day


So I’ve been posting a couple fashion NO’s here and there but my classmate wore the most fabulous pants the other day and I just HAD to share!

My friend here is wearing a classic plain black tank top with a gorgeous pair of Ralph Lauren Navy blue striped capris.

This simple look paired with sandals is perfect for the beach or for everyday life.

The pants are from Savers (thrift store) and were apparently only $7!

What a steal!

So ladies, stay classy and simple and it’s a win win for everybody!

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Solution for frizzy colored hair!

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Just a quick post for the ladies and gentlemen out there who have frizzy hair because they color it.

I asked my hair stylist what I could do about my hair being frizzy when I get out of the shower and she handed me a bottle of Goldwell Melting Diamonds and it works VERY well!!

You don’t have to use that much either. And you don’t have to worry about your hair getting too oily or disgusting with product in it because I haven’t had that problem yet. And that’s usually why I DON’T use anything in my hair normally.

So for those who have bleached/colored hair like I do, you should definitely try this out! It gets rid of the frizz AND it gives your hair a nice shine to it.

It’s only about $9-12 depending on where you get it.

Trust me, it will be well worth your money!

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