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So Ive been sending a lot of mail lately and I’ve been getting tired of the same Liberty Bell Forever stamps so I decided to order my own stamps!

I got some Ronald Reagan stamps…(Forever)

some Katharine Hepburn Stamps…(44 cents)

Winslow Homer Stamps…(44 cents)

Comic Strip Stamps including Beetle Bailey, Calvin and Hobbes, Archie, Garfield and Dennis the Menace…(44 cents)

Animal Rescue Stamps with a bunch of adorable dogs and cats…(44 cents)

Scouting Stamps…(44 cents)

and 1861 Kansas Stamps…(Forever)

So I guess Ronald Reagan and Kansas are forever?

*shrug* who knows?

I’m just excited that I have new stamps to put on everything!

Woop de doo!!!


Oh Chopped…


So I’m looking for shows to watch because it’s my day off today and I come across Chopped.

I love the show but I haven’t seen it in a while so I’m like what the hey, why not?

So first it’s the appetizer round and one of the ingredients is Clam.

And I start to get hungry and that’s when I remember I actually have some clam at home, so I cook the clam so I have something to eat while I watch Chopped.

I feel like such a glutinous monster.

But I realize Mark has tried to call so we talk for about 40 minutes which was very nice.

I’ve gotten used to only talking to him on the weekends because he’s been out on the field so it’s nice to talk to him everyday.

So I’m watching Chopped and it’s one of those episodes where they bring back people who have been Chopped in previous episodes and give them another chance.

And the reason why I’m writing my blog right now is because they are on the dessert round and guess what their ingredients are?


.White Chocolate Chips


.Carrot Juice



WTF IS HOMINY? defines it as: whole or ground hulled corn from which the bran and germ have been removed by bleaching the whole kernels in a lye bath (lye hominy)  or by crushing and sifting (pearl hominy).





This was in my issue of Car and Driver for this month and I thought it would be helpful to those who might find themselves in this situation.

The article is by Tony Quiroga.

Give credit where credit is due.



Step One: Don’t panic. Unbuckle the seatbelt, immediately locate the door handle and unlock the door. Even though it looks like certain and immediate death, your car will float for a minute or more before it goes under. You’re not panicking, are you?


Step Two: As the car begins to fill with water, lower the window; even electric ones should work for a short time after hitting the water. Escape through the opening and swim to safety. If the window doesn’t open, go directly to step three.


Step Three: Sit back and calmly wait for water to fill the car. Too panicked? Try to escape by kicking out one of the side windows. Opening a door will be next to impossible; as long as there is air inside the car, water pressure will hold the doors closed. This is known as a lose-lose.


Step Four: As the cabin fills with water, the car will begin a terrifying plunge. Continue to not panic and open the door (it will still be difficult), being careful not to break the door handle in the process. Get out and swim to the surface where oxygen is easier to metabolize for the gill-less.


I hope that helps someone one day.

Guck Guck-Spiel


Playing Peek a Boo with my little baby.

He gets lonely and likes to come in to my room.

So my mother paid for school, which is awesome!

I’ll see how much I can pay her back with the next paycheck.

I’m excited for school though!

Although it’s not for like another month.

Oh! Chanel’s using the Emily the Strange bag I bought her for school!

That made me really happy.


I talked to Mark on the phone for a bit which was nice.

It’s so hard having a 3 hour time difference.

Good Luck on your test tomorrow!


Lakers won against the Thunder! Woot!

The Suns beat the Pacers, which isn’t surprising.

76ers beat the Cavs but almost everyone has been beating the Cavs so no big news there.

The Timberwolves actually won a game against the Golden State Warriors.

Magic beat the Bobcats, obviously.

Mavericks beat the Raptors, damn those Mavericks are on a roll.

Rockets barely beat the Hornets.

Spurs beat the Grizzlies but the Spurs are on the fuckin top so…yeah.

The Knicks beat the Heat…by 5 points.

Amare & Carmelo vs LeBron, Bosh & Dwayne Wade. Now that must have been a good game.

The Hawks are dominating the Trailblazers.


Model Pose!


I found these glasses that someone had left behind at my house.

Haha. I was bored with all the cleaning so I thought I’d just take a silly picture.

I’m trying to de hoarder myself by giving away stuff I don’t need.

It’s hard, but I’m trying my best!

I’ve already given away 3 bags to goodwill!

I’m going to drop off some boardgames to my cousins and some other stuff to Goodwill when I have enough stuff collected.

I was watching Toy Story 3 in the background and while I was deciding on what I wanted to give away the part where Andy decides to give away Woody came on and it really spoke to me…

I need to think about other people who need this stuff more than I do.




Guess where I went for lunch today?!


It’s Gia’s 21st birthday and since I know how much she loves Haus, I thought it’d be the perfect place to meet.

I got an Earl Grey Tea Latte and since I didn’t get to have lunch, I also got the Ravioli on Fire which is a mushroom ravioli with gochujang sauce.

OMG it was SO delicious!

I cleared my whole plate!

Gia had a Milk Shaved Ice which is always classic.

It was also nice talking to her too.

I forgot how much we get along!

I love you Gia!

Happy 21st Birthday!!

Bye Bye Urinetown!


There were a couple cds I wanted so I stopped by Amoeba.
I got to see Thomas for a split second which was nice.
I picked up the soundtracks to Bye Bye Birdie and Urinetown.
I was listening to the Bye Bye Birdie CD and it’s my new favorite cd for my car! Yay!
Now I’m just waiting for Gia at Haus.

Melrose Shopping


I got to Melrose at about noon to get Gia’s birthday present.
I think she’ll like it.
I’m going to meet her at Haus a little later too.
After Japan LA, I went to visit Cory at SLOW. He convinced me to buy this cute black dress.
I’ll take pictures of it later.
Then I went to the Melrose Flea Market and I got a couple postcards and another Cormac McCarthy book.
Now I’m here at Johnny Rockets getting some food for Cory and Thomas.
I’m having fun!
It’s a productive day!

Damn you bad dreams!

Because I was very tired I tried to go to sleep and as soon as I fell asleep I had a bad dream and it jolted me awake so here I am.

I feel sleepy but restless at the same time.

I wish I had that special potion they had on American Dad so I never had to sleep and I could just become super awesome!


If only.

I think I might read a bit more. If anyone’s looking for a good book, Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy is pretty good!

I wonder what I should do tomorrow…I want to go to the flea market at Fairfax but I feel like I shouldn’t be spending any money.

I also have to get birthday gifts for people.


Blood, however I can get it.


I’m pretty tired after running around town everywhere.
It’s just nice to relax at home, you know?
Munch on some bruschetta toast, watch CSI:Miami and read some more of my book.
I’m so sleepy but I feel like I shouldn’t take a nap or sleep just yet…