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Do You Know what time it is? TRADE RUMOR TIME! OH YEAH!

I guess we’ll talk about the MAN OF THE HOUR first.

No, it’s not you Dwight Howard.

I’m talking about Skittles.

It’d be cool to have Michael Beasley on the Lakers, but it’s not going to happen. We’d either have to give up our TPE or some players or picks and if we don’t…then we’re super close to having a huge luxury tax slammed in LA’s face. And besides, the Lakers already rejected that offer. We didn’t want to get rid of BOTH of our first round picks. Hope it wasn’t a mistake! Lolz. If it’s what I’m thinking the Lakers turned down the player-for-pick swap to save money for a player they actually DO need. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Rondo or Sessions.

He’s probably either going to the Nets, Rockets or the Celtics. And God knows all three teams need as much help as they can get!

Plus the Wolves roster is getting a bit crowded with Williams and Webster. And seriously it looks like they are ALL too happy to get rid of him.

Do you remember when Derrick Rose got his own custom Skittles Machine?

I don’t get how people can eat so many of those…There should just be an NBA Skittles League. It’d be Michael Beasley, Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant. I’m sorry Lamar, they don’t make Chocolate Skittles.

Speaking of Lamar, after the Lakers traded him for basically nothing, this has been his worst playing season. Sad but true.

The Mavs might end up moving him to Phoenix to get Steve Nash instead…or Odom might not play at all. He should’ve just played out his days as a Laker. I don’t understand. Meh.

And what’s up with Dwight Howard?

The Magic want to keep him but does DH want to keep the Magic? Wait…that sounded corny.

DH wants to go to the Nets or to the Mavs but they have nothing to offer the Magic. And I guess they’re banking on him NOT becoming a free agent. And the Lakers are not going to give up Andrew Bynum. Who knows what’s going to happen? One thing is for sure, the Magic can’t give up everything for nothing again like they did with Shaq. THANK YOU ORLANDO. HAHAHAHA. OR MAYBE….they SHOULD do that again. Muhahaha. I still don’t think Kobe would play nice with him though and I would miss Pau.

And there’s that whole Dwight and Deron thing going on. Williams is going to leave if Dwight doesn’t come so should the Nets just trade him before he decides to leave anyways? Or do they just keep pushing to get DH? The Nets would have to accommodate Howard as a free agent which means less money. But in times like that you have to think of what’s REALLY important. Playing well on a team that you like and also one that can support you? Or just doing it for the money. I guess we’ll just have to wait…less than 2 weeks and we’ll find out.


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Lake Show drowns out the Loserwolves!

That’s right! The Lakers did it again!

I guess all the Wolves got lost without Love. There were so many turnovers I started to get embarrassed for the Loserwolves…hah, not really. It WAS pretty awesome.

Whoever thought that the wolves would sweep LA was highly mistaken.

 Bynum and Gasol were on fire tonight!

And Kobe was back with his Phantom of the Opera hybrid mask on.

Here’s a better picture since my picture sucks:

Luke Ridnour looked like he had ADHD and he needs to calm the fuck down.

Ricky Rubio was just disappointing today.

Michael Beasley didn’t bring it like he did yesterday.

Williams and Randolph stepped up? Weird.

And for a team that is usually great with free throws missed a hell of a lot of them today. It was probably because of my yelling out loud obscenities and discouragements toward their way…YUP, that’s what made them miss. Yes I am awesome. Yes I can make people miss free throws by using my bad karma energy. Hahahaha.

Want to know my feelings at about 4 minutes left till the end of the game?
This picture says it all.

(Picture courtesy of Michael)



Just because he asks to get played, doesn’t mean that ANYONE should listen to him or let him ANYWHERE near the ball.

 All in all my cousin and I had a blast.

I spent a pretty penny today but it was ALL worth it! And thanks to Mark for the tickets!

Ate at ESPN Zone, bought my cousin one of these from the Laker store:

I wanted another Disney All Star shirt but they didn’t have them this year…gosh darn it!

I had a great time! Yay Lakers! 0.600 bitches!

Another awesome night for me! Yay!

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Guess what this bitch is doing tonight?

Going to the first Lakers game after the All Stars!
That’s right bitches!
(Hopefully we get to see if Rasheed Wallace hasn’t lost his game tonight too).

I get to see the All Star Champs take on the Minnesota Loserwolves.

They might’ve won against the Clippers last night but they’re still the rookie LA team, the Lake show will show them who’s boss!

Get ready to get your ass whooped! By the end of the night Mr. Beard, Skittles, Unicorn and the Caged Lion will be all put out of their misery.

It won’t be painless.

It will hurt.

The Lakers will show no mercy.

Get ready for a WORLD of hurt Minnesota!

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Nicki Minaj needs to SHUT IT! You will never be the next Lil’ Kim

That’s right. The exorcising whore has done it AGAIN!

Now she’s being mean to Chris Bosh, REALLY? REALLY?!

What is this bitch’s deal?

At least Chris Bosh has more talent in one arm than Nicki Minaj could ever hope to have in a single molecule in her entire being. Just because you request buckets of fried chicken and you dress like the holy mother doesn’t mean that you’re anything special. Please, who are you kidding?

Everyone’s tired of your wannabe songs filled with the ramblings of your Dissociative identity disorder.

How in the hell are you “winning”? And you threaten to go “Columbine” on people? What the hell?

Bitch you don’t have a label to sign anyone because who gives a fuck? Seriously, who the fuck cares?

If you’re that insecure about yourself that you have to make fun of other people at their tough times I hope everyone laughs when it’s your time to fall. At least Chris Bosh has been to the Finals and is on one of the top NBA teams of the season. Get your shit straight before I go (insert politically incorrect genocide/massacre here) on your ass. Oh wait, no, I’m better than that.

“I hear the slick shit, bitch you washed
all you hoes crying, Christopher Bosh”

In case you wanted to watch it for yourself.

And like her other songs, there is absolutely no rhythm, no sync, and no flow to it. She can go back to working at the Red Lobster where she belongs.

I love you Chris Bosh!

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Selling furniture and homeless?

If you haven’t heard about it…for a good amount of the season Dallas Mav’s pointguard Delonte West was homeless.

That’s right…homeless.

He’s had a tough time on and off the court and it’s had a big effect on him. Going through the Lockout, divorce, other criminal charges and a bunch of lawyer fees, Delonte West had found himself homeless. Nobody knew his true situation. While at away games he would stay at hotel rooms but while at home he would be sleeping in the locker room or in his truck. With all these money draining expenditures it was hard for him to get approved for an apartment let alone have money to spend on himself. He had sold about everything and even worked at retail stores to make ends meet. Another reason for all of this unexpected drama is because West suffers from being bipolar. He feels it has affected his career as well as his life to a great extent. But thank God his boss found out because all it took was one phone call to set things straight.

Change? Spare some change? CHHHAAANNNNNGEEEE?

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Fisker Karma

So I saw one of these on Sunday while Eddie and I were in Santa Monica to watch Bullhead (which I will also write about later). It was nice to finally see one in person but when I did I realized a lot of things…of course I won’t be able to write about how it drives or handles because obviously I haven’t had the chance to take it for a test drive but one thing I can talk about is the design.

Body = Maserati + Dodge
Grill = BMW
Rear Tail lights = Aston Martin + Audi + Maserati
Rear Symbol = BMW
Rear Trunk Light = Mercedes Benz
Long Hood = BMW Z Series

Among other things…

Does that sound about right to everyone?


Maserati GranTurismo

 Maserati GranTurismo Body+ Dodge Charger Doors and Windows =



BMW Split Grill but slightly elongated (to look like a moustache)

Back Symbol + Rear Tail Lights

Mixture between Aston Martin thin style design+ Audi Q7 LED Tail Lights + Maserati’s Gran Turismo Top Row LED Tail lights

Fisker Karma Tail Lights

And a little bit of Mercedes Benz Back/Trunk Light

And of course the rear embedded symbol looks just like BMW as well.

And the Long Hood from the BMW Z Series.

But I guess this is what Coleridge was talking about…how poets need to take from secondary imagination to create new art. Poets must draw from the primary imagination and use it with the technical aspects of poetry to create real art and just not art that is technically correct. And I’m sure Coleridge never meant it to be used in the creation and design of cars but I think it’s important to consider the imagination as well as technicality when coming up with new automobile designs. No design will ever be original but people can take past creations and turn them into their own creation which I believe Fisker has yet to do with the Karma. I understand that they want a sporty fun roadster yet at the same time want an eco friendly solar powered vehicle,  but I think there are a lot of things they can improve upon to try and deliver on all fronts. Although it does give their company a bit of an edge by marketing the Karma as a fuel efficient “green mission” car but it’s not enough to have these cars flying off the shelves.

But I think Derrida’s SSP also helps me to understand and deconstruct the Karma into an open-ended discourse.


Fun Fact: Leonardo di Caprio traded in his Prius for a Fisker Karma.

I don’t know if the 52 MPGe is enough to get people to buy it PURELY as a hybrid car. It runs 32 miles on electricity and then 20 miles per gallon after that. *Shrug*

With a base price of $95,500 I’d have to want it for it’s design or speed rather than it’s gas saving qualities. Well, take a look at a test run Motor Trend did and see what you think:


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No Howard. No Rondo. No Williams. Just Wallace.

Rasheed Wallace? Really? When and how did that happen?

Do the Lakers even need a Forward? Is it to cover Pau leaving? But when asked that question they just said it was to “strengthen the bench”. Man I haven’t seen Wallace play since that last game of the finals in 2010. I wish we could just all take a play from his handbook and retire for 2 years and then jump back in like it never happened.

Is he even in shape to play? (I mean he is getting a little old for the NBA at 37). I’d still take Allen Iverson instead. OR CAN I HAVE BOTH? Hahaha.

And I guess the Lakers haven’t given up on Dwight Howard just yet. They offered to trade Bynum for Howard. Uhh…like the Magic would want JUST Bynum. It’d have to be Pau + Bynum + some other incentives like the TPE and picks. Well after this weekend it’ll be a rush to sign before the deadline. I still think Rondo is our best bet. Maybe Rondo + Wallace will make a good pair for the Lakers. I don’t think we need Jermaine O’ Neal though.

GO WEST! I knew we could do it this year! And I guess we’ll just all have to welcome Wallace to LA.

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What’s faster than the speed of light?

The way companies can produce goods to sell the next hottest thing virtually overnight. Who else could I be talking about besides Jeremy Lin?

How is adding fortune cookies to an Ice Cream racist? Isn’t it just about as racist as adding Tapatio to Doritos? I mean Fortune Cookies were first created in America, more specifically in the San Francisco Chinatown, which is the area where Lin is from anyways. How else would we make it “Lin-sanity”? By making it more New York? More Nor Cal? More Winning? Maybe we can just add some creamy points, chewy assists and although it’s not the most popular, a hint of sour turnover as well. Would that make it more Lin-credible? People who think this is racist need to stop complaining. This kid has BEN AND FUCKIN JERRYS cashing in on how popular he’s become. I’d love a “Yu and Mi baby” Ice Cream flavor! Although I’m sure it’d be disgusting…it’d probably consist of Coke, Sriracha, Advil and Popcorn. Gross. Or Maybe… I think taking fortune cookies out because they were getting soggy is a pretty legit reason for changing it up. If Lin can market himself by using his background and culture, he should run with it. There is nothing to get offended over. As long as he knows that he is past these petty differences of ethnicity and race it shouldn’t matter to him. Once someone is able to laugh at themselves and with others, you know that they are able to do it because they are secure with who they are. Was I the only Asian person NOT offended by the “Chink in the Armor” headline that got taken down? In the view of an English Major, I think that was pretty clever. To each their own I guess.

I want fortune cookies with my ice cream… damn Asians had to complain and now all it comes with is regular waffle chips on the side. Boo. This is why I can never have anything nice…lolz. I’m just kidding. But really, people need to lay off the race card for a bit. It’s getting old.

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Yup, it’s that time of the month AGAIN…PAYCHECK TIME!

And I paid off bills and what not but who can’t help but splurge on a little somethin’ somethin’ for themselves. So guess what I got?!

2 Crossword Lottery Games
(I haven’t bought one in SO LONG!)

I used to buy them all the time but I stopped hanging out with my gambling buddy so I guess I just stopped buying them. It’s just not the same when you’re buying them by yourself, you know?

Some ink for my lovely printer. I’m pretty sure both the mailman and my professors are getting tired of light grey ink on EVERYTHING. I’m just worried that the time for turning in final essays will come around and my printer will be completely out of ink. I made the mistake of printing my LSAT class material from my home computer. I went through 2 ink cartridges learning how to solve analytical games and such. It was sure as hell worth it though. I’m ready for my LSAT YEAH!

Some more purple shampoo for my pretty blonde hair! I was using Loreal but I get more for my money on this one so I’ll try it out. I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH HAIR! AHHH! I love being blonde though. Blonde do have more fun, what do you know?

And I wouldn’t be complete without my fake eyelashes!

What do all these things add up to?

A blonde Asian with fake lashes, gambling problems and awesome readable essays for easy scoring. OH YEAH~ *ahem*


Guess what picture I found? One of me from 2 years ago, sporting my Laker gear and nails. Hahaha, boy was I hardcore. This is pretty much what you get.

Speaking of which, GO WEST! (*Although my favorite players on the East*) It’s okay.

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Miriam Webster defines Obsession as:

a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling

Why is that important? Because I think I have feminine obsessions too! Dear God! Aside from cars and sports I think I have an obsession with…

Short shorts and underwear.

It’s like what people have with ceramic figurines or shoes. I just can’t stop buying frilly underwear and short shorts. Why exactly am I writing about this? I’m not really sure myself. In the past 2 days I’ve amassed 5 new pieces of frilly awesomeness (or more close to 6 rather). Some might just pass it off as a material obsession and ride it off but I don’t know if that is necessarily the case. It’s not like I’m addicted to something others can readily view (or well depending on how short my shorts are) but even then no one can REALLY see them. The thing is when you ask other girls why they spend money on things other people can not see, they say that it is for themselves so they can feel “sexy” but I don’t know if I necessarily fall into that category. Yeah sure it’s great feeling sexy and what not but is that why I can’t stop buying them? Women don’t need underwear to feel sexy about themselves. All they need is self confidence.

Maybe it reflects that I’m still a girl on the inside? Despite all of the manly things that I like to do? Under my Butler Sweet 16 t-shirt and my denim shorts, I’m still a girl?

Is it to feel unique? It’s like how on Bones whats his face would wear different colored socks to break conformity? Or to give a little release from the daily norm?

Because I always have to be prepared for when someone MIGHT see my underwear?

Does it stem from my OCD? Cleanliness is next to Godliness?

Or maybe it’s just advertising that has gotten through to my system forcing me to join in on the never-ending cycle of consumer consumption?

But without truly understanding obsession, can I understand why I have this habit? I don’t spend my whole paycheck on new undies nor do I sell myself for a new pair. (At least not yet anyways, Hahaha jp). Maybe it’s just a little reward after a day of hard work. Something cute that I can wear and use everyday. Other people get themselves some ice cream or a nice meal out but what’s wrong with buying a little present for yourself? I think I have found the perfect balance between beauty and comfort in underwear. It’s the best of both worlds.

(But in reality, I think it comes from having OCD).

I’m sorry if that was too much information.

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