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What’s faster than the speed of light?

The way companies can produce goods to sell the next hottest thing virtually overnight. Who else could I be talking about besides Jeremy Lin?

How is adding fortune cookies to an Ice Cream racist? Isn’t it just about as racist as adding Tapatio to Doritos? I mean Fortune Cookies were first created in America, more specifically in the San Francisco Chinatown, which is the area where Lin is from anyways. How else would we make it “Lin-sanity”? By making it more New York? More Nor Cal? More Winning? Maybe we can just add some creamy points, chewy assists and although it’s not the most popular, a hint of sour turnover as well. Would that make it more Lin-credible? People who think this is racist need to stop complaining. This kid has BEN AND FUCKIN JERRYS cashing in on how popular he’s become. I’d love a “Yu and Mi baby” Ice Cream flavor! Although I’m sure it’d be disgusting…it’d probably consist of Coke, Sriracha, Advil and Popcorn. Gross. Or Maybe… I think taking fortune cookies out because they were getting soggy is a pretty legit reason for changing it up. If Lin can market himself by using his background and culture, he should run with it. There is nothing to get offended over. As long as he knows that he is past these petty differences of ethnicity and race it shouldn’t matter to him. Once someone is able to laugh at themselves and with others, you know that they are able to do it because they are secure with who they are. Was I the only Asian person NOT offended by the “Chink in the Armor” headline that got taken down? In the view of an English Major, I think that was pretty clever. To each their own I guess.

I want fortune cookies with my ice cream… damn Asians had to complain and now all it comes with is regular waffle chips on the side. Boo. This is why I can never have anything nice…lolz. I’m just kidding. But really, people need to lay off the race card for a bit. It’s getting old.

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Yup, it’s that time of the month AGAIN…PAYCHECK TIME!

And I paid off bills and what not but who can’t help but splurge on a little somethin’ somethin’ for themselves. So guess what I got?!

2 Crossword Lottery Games
(I haven’t bought one in SO LONG!)

I used to buy them all the time but I stopped hanging out with my gambling buddy so I guess I just stopped buying them. It’s just not the same when you’re buying them by yourself, you know?

Some ink for my lovely printer. I’m pretty sure both the mailman and my professors are getting tired of light grey ink on EVERYTHING. I’m just worried that the time for turning in final essays will come around and my printer will be completely out of ink. I made the mistake of printing my LSAT class material from my home computer. I went through 2 ink cartridges learning how to solve analytical games and such. It was sure as hell worth it though. I’m ready for my LSAT YEAH!

Some more purple shampoo for my pretty blonde hair! I was using Loreal but I get more for my money on this one so I’ll try it out. I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH HAIR! AHHH! I love being blonde though. Blonde do have more fun, what do you know?

And I wouldn’t be complete without my fake eyelashes!

What do all these things add up to?

A blonde Asian with fake lashes, gambling problems and awesome readable essays for easy scoring. OH YEAH~ *ahem*


Guess what picture I found? One of me from 2 years ago, sporting my Laker gear and nails. Hahaha, boy was I hardcore. This is pretty much what you get.

Speaking of which, GO WEST! (*Although my favorite players on the East*) It’s okay.

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Miriam Webster defines Obsession as:

a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling

Why is that important? Because I think I have feminine obsessions too! Dear God! Aside from cars and sports I think I have an obsession with…

Short shorts and underwear.

It’s like what people have with ceramic figurines or shoes. I just can’t stop buying frilly underwear and short shorts. Why exactly am I writing about this? I’m not really sure myself. In the past 2 days I’ve amassed 5 new pieces of frilly awesomeness (or more close to 6 rather). Some might just pass it off as a material obsession and ride it off but I don’t know if that is necessarily the case. It’s not like I’m addicted to something others can readily view (or well depending on how short my shorts are) but even then no one can REALLY see them. The thing is when you ask other girls why they spend money on things other people can not see, they say that it is for themselves so they can feel “sexy” but I don’t know if I necessarily fall into that category. Yeah sure it’s great feeling sexy and what not but is that why I can’t stop buying them? Women don’t need underwear to feel sexy about themselves. All they need is self confidence.

Maybe it reflects that I’m still a girl on the inside? Despite all of the manly things that I like to do? Under my Butler Sweet 16 t-shirt and my denim shorts, I’m still a girl?

Is it to feel unique? It’s like how on Bones whats his face would wear different colored socks to break conformity? Or to give a little release from the daily norm?

Because I always have to be prepared for when someone MIGHT see my underwear?

Does it stem from my OCD? Cleanliness is next to Godliness?

Or maybe it’s just advertising that has gotten through to my system forcing me to join in on the never-ending cycle of consumer consumption?

But without truly understanding obsession, can I understand why I have this habit? I don’t spend my whole paycheck on new undies nor do I sell myself for a new pair. (At least not yet anyways, Hahaha jp). Maybe it’s just a little reward after a day of hard work. Something cute that I can wear and use everyday. Other people get themselves some ice cream or a nice meal out but what’s wrong with buying a little present for yourself? I think I have found the perfect balance between beauty and comfort in underwear. It’s the best of both worlds.

(But in reality, I think it comes from having OCD).

I’m sorry if that was too much information.

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Really? Fined for Fake Injuries?

Really China? Really?

Fining him what ended up being 1/3 of his salary because he “feigned” injuries and subsequently missed practices? WHO DOES THAT?

They claim that it was part of the clause that he signed and that they kept warning him. Who knows if they really did or not. When JR Smith, or anyone from the NBA really, goes to China to play during the lockout it’s not because they want to be great moral citizens closing the gap of cultural tension between China and America. It’s for the money. Come on, it is.

So they’re claiming that he just said whatever to them taking out $1.06 million from his deal? I find that hard to believe. He lead the team to a victory by scoring 60 points off the bench against the Qingdao Double Star and then again by scoring 41 against the Shandong Lions.

Does a foreign player of the week award mean nothing?

Or even being chosen to play for the Southern All Stars as a starter?
(Even though he didn’t get to play).

Why the fuck would JR Smith fake an injury? I’d play basketball with a knife in my back for that extra $1.06 million.

Or maybe he is just as crazy as we all think he is.

Isn’t it enough that he played well? What do these people want? Dear Lord.

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Structuralism and Deconstruction

Sorry, this post isn’t about cars or the NBA. What else could I possibly have to write about?

Structuralism and Deconstruction

It’s something that the second I try to understand the meaning, I am lost but because I am lost I am able to understand. For you can not deconstruct something without using it during deconstruction. To tear apart is to understand. And to understand is to admit to it’s existence. Is it? For freeplay can only exist within a structure, which in turn is in itself organized but because of such grounding and organization, freeplay is limited. Substitutions are limited. But in a finite field, the substitutions are limitless. The act of freeplay itself is deconstruction, but what more is deconstruction that the act of creative reading. But nothing is original. Everything is structured. The center is a center but also the non-center. It exists within the structure but it is not limited to the structure for there can be a center outside of the structure. Then what is the center? Where are the limits and bounds to the center? Are there any? What is the sign? What does it signify? But the signifier and the signified are not the same. There is a loss of meaning between the two. What is the true interpretation of interpretation if there is any?

Maybe I just don’t understand at all. Or maybe my deconstruction of it, means that I do understand it.

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Pre All Star: East & West Matchups

Two big games to look forward to today!

Lakers vs Thunder


Knicks vs Heat

West vs West & East vs East. You’re not going to want to miss this!

Starting off with the Lakers vs Thunder, the clash of talent between old and new will be a great show. And since it’s right before the All Stars it’s a great chance to see how the teams play against each other. Tonight’s game will show if they are pumped up and ready to go at it with the East! 2 All Stars against 2 All Stars. They can also use today to size each other up, understand how each player moves and operates, how to best support each other. For those of you who didn’t know this is the first game of the season in which these two will be going head to head. Strange isn’t it? Since some teams have already gone up against each other anywhere from 3-4 times. This season’s a bit off but it makes it that much more intense and nerve wracking to watch and follow. Both the Lakers and the Thunder have won their last game up to this one so you know that they’re in it to win it! Being the #1 & #5 team on the Western Conference this also gives us an inside look as to what the Playoffs MIGHT look like. There’s still a lot of time for a shift in rank but when you think of the possibility of these two teams competing again when the time comes, it’s more likely than not so both teams could learn a lot from today.

So what needs to happen today for the Lakers to win? Kobe is going to need to put aside all of the trade drama bullshit and get back to playing a GOOD game. For the leading scorer in the NBA, Kobe tanked last night with 15 points. I was actually afraid that we might lose to Dallas. How unsettling is that? Me constantly checking the Ipad at work talking to myself about the game while I make drinks for customers. Most of them must have thought I was crazy. Gasol, on the other hand, is playing better than ever. Do you know why? Because he plays TO FUCKIN PLAY. I’ll forgive the 5 Turnovers he had last night because Kobe had 7. 7!?! Do you believe that? Thank God Bynum and Fisher stepped up yesterday.

The Lakers also need to be on top of Durant and Westbrook. Well, not literally but enough so they aren’t able to shoot. We can’t have them scoring like they have been if the Lakers want to win. Hayward and Collison may still be out from todays game so that’ll work to our advantage. And they need to watch out for Perkins when he’s on the floor. He’s been having a high number of rebounds every night and the one thing the Lakers do not need is Perkins being there to rebound every ball be it offensive or defensive. And we need to not play Ron Artest and just trade him somewhere. I’m sorry. And the only thing with playing Barnes or Morris is that they play well when it comes down to it but they get WAY too many Personal Fouls for comfort with the short amount of time they’re on the court. Just saying.

Maybe I’ll write about the Heats vs Knicks game later…I feel like that’s the one game everyone is already focusing on anyways. OMG A JEREMY LIN ROOKIE CARD THAT SOMEONE BOUGHT FOR $1000 SOLD FOR $21,800. FUCK people are crazy.

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Michael (2011): More than meets the eye

Title: Michael (2011)

Director: Markus Schleinzer

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 78% (Critics)
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 85% (Audience)

 “Like its protagonist, Michael is deliberate and very discreet. It shocks by suggestion, not by display.” -Mark Jenkins (NPR)

“This coldly compelling film doesn’t try to explain Michael’s behavior or analyze his disease. As if doing penance for Michael’s sins, it eventually metes out unequivocal punishment, but it is small consolation.” -Stephen Holden (New York Times)

“Illustrating the banality of evil in an impressively controlled and sometimes darkly humorous fashion, Michael takes a coolly nonjudgmental, non-psychological approach to a disturbing topic.” -Alissa Simon (Variety)

I didn’t do this movie justice when I wrote about it in an earlier blog entry. But I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t give it the recognition that it fully deserves.

America has come pretty far in exploring the “taboo” through the world of cinematics but it has not come far enough quite yet. It’s truly great that the ideas on sexuality, religion and even politics have seen a vast expansion throughout the years in regards to interpretations through film but most Americans still hold negative stigmas over certain topics such as murders committed by teenagers/children as well as certain sexual behaviors. What is it that I am trying to say? It’s mainly this: Americans are very “protective” of children, not necessarily in a literal sense but more so in the way children are to be seen as well as the failure to acknowledge that children are a major part of the everyday life we live in as a society. Because of this I know it must be hard for people to take what I am saying seriously. Why is this girl promoting a movie that is about pedophilia? Because it’s about more than that. Michael can even be seen as an in depth character analysis of the human mind, more specifically that of a pedophile. This movie was not created to rationalize pedophilia or to fight for it’s acceptance. The purpose is quite the opposite. This mo,vie induces not necessarily a shock but a restarting and reusing of the critical part of the mind. Michael requires a conscious audience. Leave all preconceived notions and judgments at the door. Much more than pedophilia, this movie is about life. The ups, the downs as well as the highs and lows. It is a study on the search for one’s true self. The possibilities of what could be and where one’s potential lies. What can one gain by living in falsities? What can one gain by facing life’s struggles as they appear? With self recognition comes strength. Strength to overcome any obstacle that may appear. A win for the underdog.

This movie also paints the picture of what one of my professors likes to call the “little man”. Who is the “little man”? Society ignores the “little man”. He is nothing. Someone of little to no value. And with this it brings about the question, “Is society to blame for the failings and shortcomings of the ‘little man’?” Should we as a society be more attentive to those around us rather than constantly worrying about ourselves? Do we need to pay more attention to our children and be responsible for them? For those who had written off Michael as nothing more than a “creep fest” or an unnecessary controversial film, they are lacking an open mind in which to receive Michael. For without an open mind it is almost impossible to appreciate true art.

So if any of you have a chance to watch it, please do because it is one that should not be stuffed in the closet and forgotten.

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