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Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana DIY


So Mark and I went to Target the other day and what do I find?

An Arrested Development Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana shirt!

But of course, like most of Target’s graphic T collection, they are all in Men’s sizes but I couldn’t give up the opportunity to get the shirt!

Who could possibly resist?


I’m usually a Women’s XS-S but the smallest one that they had was a Men’s S so I bought it and today I decided to DIY it so that it would fit my form better and it worked out just perfectly!

First I traced a fitted shirt on top of the new larger shirt and then cut the sides so it would be the same size as my fitted shirt.

Then I took the fitted shirt, got a piece of paper and outlined the sleeves. I then took the paper, cut the shape out and then proceeded to cut the shape out of the sleeves that I had just cut off from the larger shirt.

I then sewed the two right sides of the shirt and one of the sleeves together and then repeated on the other side.

After that I sewed down the sides of the shirt.


Then after I made sure it fit, I cut out the neck line to make it more feminine.


After that I turned the shirt around, made a cut in the back and made that into a bow for the back.


I then trimmed the bottom of the shirt and finished it so no seams would come lose.

I love my new shirt and Mark likes it too!

There’s ALWAYS money in the Banana Stand!

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Homemade Almond Jello

PhotoGrid_1359343927719 (1)


I finally made that Almond Jello that I had bought earlier in Chinatown!

It’s pretty easy. All you do is add the mix with 4 1/2 cups of water and bring it to a boil and once you do you can divide it into cups or put into a shallow pan to let cool which takes about 2 hours.

And because I’m such a klutz the water boiled over spilling all the sugary water onto my new stove top so I had to desperately try and scrub it off after the stove had cooled down. I think I got most of it but I know I’ll have to go at it again soon.

I put mine in a shallow brownie pan and it worked out perfectly!

Then you just slice it up and serve with fruit! I keep forgetting to buy fruit to eat with it so I have just been eating it by itself…but I’m not complaining! It’s delicious!

For those of you who like it, you can make it at home! They probably sell the mix at your local Chinese and/or Japanese food market.


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Solution for frizzy colored hair!

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Just a quick post for the ladies and gentlemen out there who have frizzy hair because they color it.

I asked my hair stylist what I could do about my hair being frizzy when I get out of the shower and she handed me a bottle of Goldwell Melting Diamonds and it works VERY well!!

You don’t have to use that much either. And you don’t have to worry about your hair getting too oily or disgusting with product in it because I haven’t had that problem yet. And that’s usually why I DON’T use anything in my hair normally.

So for those who have bleached/colored hair like I do, you should definitely try this out! It gets rid of the frizz AND it gives your hair a nice shine to it.

It’s only about $9-12 depending on where you get it.

Trust me, it will be well worth your money!

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This was in my issue of Car and Driver for this month and I thought it would be helpful to those who might find themselves in this situation.

The article is by Tony Quiroga.

Give credit where credit is due.



Step One: Don’t panic. Unbuckle the seatbelt, immediately locate the door handle and unlock the door. Even though it looks like certain and immediate death, your car will float for a minute or more before it goes under. You’re not panicking, are you?


Step Two: As the car begins to fill with water, lower the window; even electric ones should work for a short time after hitting the water. Escape through the opening and swim to safety. If the window doesn’t open, go directly to step three.


Step Three: Sit back and calmly wait for water to fill the car. Too panicked? Try to escape by kicking out one of the side windows. Opening a door will be next to impossible; as long as there is air inside the car, water pressure will hold the doors closed. This is known as a lose-lose.


Step Four: As the cabin fills with water, the car will begin a terrifying plunge. Continue to not panic and open the door (it will still be difficult), being careful not to break the door handle in the process. Get out and swim to the surface where oxygen is easier to metabolize for the gill-less.


I hope that helps someone one day.