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South Bay Galleria!


Thought I’d hang out with Chanel after work so I drove to Manhattan Beach. Weren’t sure where we wanted to eat so we went to the mall. Walked around and ate some Mongolian.

My desk at work


It’s gotten a little cluttered lolz.
I have my tea and FedEx Express package.
I made some good sales today which is awesome!
Only a few hours left!



Mr.Toast is here at the Royal T pop up shop!!


Come visit us!

Umami Burger again! Yum…

I was about to go to bed when Sam called and asked if I had had dinner~

So I got ready and changed and walah~


I haven’t been in 2 days! Hahahaha…

I don’t have problems…

I had a Kauai Classic and Sam got what I usually get, the Diablo Bleu.

I’m glad I got to hang out with Sam again outside of work.

Happy Birthday Sam!

You’re nothing but a TOY!

Home from running errands~

I decided to watch Toy Story next.

I loving watching movies from my childhood. It just makes me so happy for some reason.

I still need to buy 2 & 3 but I’ll have to live with 1 for now.

Did some more laundry, now it’s just time for some vaccuuming.

But before that, it’s time for a nice long bath with a good book.



Went out to shop for birthday gifts but I only found one thing…ugh. I’ll have to go looking again tomorrow. Went literally everywhere.

Stopped by at Ralphs on my way home and this kid in the express  check out lane had like 30 items and I just looked at him like really? Ugh people.

Picture is of a beauty in the parking lot.

I’m Rich!

I have today off as well so I thought I would spend it at home cleaning and doing laundry. 

And~ since I haven’t seen Spirited Away in a while, I thought it would be fun to put it on.

I forgot how much I used to love this movie. I think I watched it almost everyday.

My room has gotten to be quite a mess in the past week or so, so I thought it would be productive of me to clean it today.

I don’t know how long that feeling is going to last though, who knows? Haha.

It also gives me time to read Patton Oswalt’s book~

I’m so glad he read a few chapters during the signing.

It just made my day.

Now it’s back to cleaning~

Oh Forever 21~


What are you doing?

This Forever 21 has no mirrors…strange.

Curry nya


Went to curry house with Chanel and had a hayashi rice but I wasn’t really hungry, now Chanel and I are at the glendale galleria. Yay!

Hello Kitty Bread?


Stopped by Japan LA for a little visit before they move to the bigger store around the corner. Bought some gifts and some stuff for me.

Now I’m at Sawtelle talking to Chanel. Yay!