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Oh Forever 21~


What are you doing?

This Forever 21 has no mirrors…strange.

Curry nya


Went to curry house with Chanel and had a hayashi rice but I wasn’t really hungry, now Chanel and I are at the glendale galleria. Yay!

Hello Kitty Bread?


Stopped by Japan LA for a little visit before they move to the bigger store around the corner. Bought some gifts and some stuff for me.

Now I’m at Sawtelle talking to Chanel. Yay!

Reasons why your kid might be getting molested #1


Stop it!

This is why you keep getting molested.


#1. Dancing with Strangers at Benihana.

What are you doing up there?


Rolf is such a silly boy. So cute though<3

Oh~Nice cars!


Had a long chat on the phone and I didn’t feel like going to sleep so…

I decided to watch Rain Man!

Weird but it came up on my Netflix Instant Queue and I was like hey, why not and I’m glad I picked it.

The movie opens with Tom Cruise importanting foreign cars…

Who doesn’t love this movie?



Zombie Spaceship Wasteland


Went to Book Soup and saw Patton Oswalt! He had a book signing there today! I’m so glad I went! Yay…

After that I went to Umami Burger and then to Wackos! Fun time!