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Rolls Royce x Ada Wong Orgasm

So the other day I went to go see Resident Evil in the theaters. Some have Star Trek, others Star Wars but my Holy Grail is Resident Evil so I couldn’t resist!

The movie kind of sucked compared to the others but there were two things that made the movie worth my time. Well three is you count Michelle Rodriguez. RAWR! For those of you who don’t know I was Michelle Rodriguez from Machete for Halloween last year. I should have pictures somewhere but it’s just me in my bra. Go figure right? Haha.

But anyways, besides Michelle Rodriguez (appearing multiple times), Ada Wong fuckin made that movie! God was she drop dead gorgeous! I know who I want to be for Halloween! Ugh…do I have time though? Or anything to do? Meh. Plus I look kind of strange with short hair.

I could NOT stop staring at her the WHOLE movie. She’s one sexy fox. This was also pretty surprising because they usually pick ugly ass Asian girls to star in movie roles like Lucy Liu or Brenda Song or even Devon Aoki. I KNOW there are much prettier girls than those three.

And if Ada Wong wasn’t hot enough. I got to see my baby on the Big Screen! If you watch the youtube clip I attached above you’ll see what it is. Not only is she driving a brand new Rolls Royce through the fake streets of Russia but this car is bad ass! It survives almost any damage imaginable! Like she would survive if she were in a Honda Civic or something. Psh. The movie would end right there.

It was well worth the $8.75 I paid to go see it.

And I’m so disappointed in my Broncos! I’m glad they were at least able to catch up from a 13-0 at the end of the 1st.


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Paranorman : Movie Review

Hearing that Paranorman was by the same people who did Coraline I couldn’t help but want to watch it. Granted the commercials and marketing kind of sucked but I was willing to see it regardless. And I ended up enjoying the movie just as much as I thought I would. It was hard to find someone to go with me though…I was pretty close to just going by myself, which is what I did when I went to see Brave and I’m so glad I did. I loved that movie too! I guess I’ve been on a children’s movie kick? Actually, no not really. Most of them are still pretty stupid and slow. But LAIKA hasn’t disappointed me yet so I was sold as soon as I heard about it.

Paranorman Trailer HD

I’m a little picky when it comes to animation style but since I absolutely adored the work behind Coraline I knew that the same time and effort would be seen in Paranorman. For those of you who haven’t seen the “Behind the Scenes” for the making of Coraline, I strongly recommend it. Anyone who has the talent, skill and patience to make a claymation, my hats go off to you.

Here’s a little piece of the making of Coraline. Just absolutely stunning!

And for those of you who are iffy about going because it is a “kids” movie, you shouldn’t feel that way. A lot of the people watching were grown adults and at some parts I questioned if this movie was ACTUALLY for kids, like I did with Coraline. That movie was scary. For real. Animation, story, music and dialogue are ON POINT.

And for someone who believes in ghosts it was a little comforting, to be honest. And for those of you who don’t, I am not trying to push anything on you. All I’m saying is that it is easier to enjoy a movie when there is a relatable factor between the film and the viewer.

I’ve given my 2 cents here I just hope you guys will go check it out. Cheers.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt grows up to be…Bruce Willis?

So Mark and I went to go see Moonrise Kingdom yesterday but before I get to that I want to talk about a specific ad that I saw for an upcoming film. As you can tell by the picture above the film that I am talking about is titled, “Looper”. And for those of you who haven’t seen the trailer here it is:

I’ll wait until you finish watching the ad…


Okay. Watched it? Now let me try and get this straight. Stay with me here it might get a little weird.

So. Joseph Gordon Levitt is a “looper” who is kind of like a time traveling, not time traveling assassin. But he has to be somehow in the future too because they have new guns and the ability to time travel. So the mobs in the future send people back in time to Levitt so he can erase them from the future. So instead of teleporting them into a volcano (Mark’s idea) or into a black hole they waste money on someone in the past to kill someone in the future. Hmmmm. And the one rule is to never let anyone get away…even if it’s yourself. But wait…so you’re telling me that when Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets old he turns into…Bruce Willis? Really? Bruce Willis?

Does his jaw line grow thicker as he grows older? Or just his whole head grows a little for every year of his life? Now, don’t get me wrong, Bruce Willis is a very handsome man but who buys that Levitt would actually become Willis as time goes by. His eyebrows just get blonder/lighter and skinnier as time goes on too. That has to be a classic. I think I would’ve picked like Jon Hamm as the aged Levitt.

They look alike don’t you think?

Whoever cast this movie should be shot point blank. Although I guess if you want an “Action Adventure” film that Bruce Willis is your man…but then choose someone who looks like a young Bruce Willis. Ummm… Yeah I don’t know. Probably a young Tom Hanks? Hahaha. No, that wouldn’t work.

I guess we’ll see what kind of reviews the movie gets when it comes out, September 28.

But anyways, I FINALLY got to see Moonrise Kingdom yesterday (because they didn’t want to release it in Hawaii till like mid last week because they’re lame). And guess what? It was AMAZING! I knew I was going to love it and I absolutely did! And then some! I’ve never seen a Wes Anderson movie (besides Fantastic Mr. Fox which was an okay movie) so it was a new experience for me which I really liked. I especially enjoyed the panorama style they used to shoot the movie, it’s very elegant and it flows pretty nicely. The soundtrack for the film was superb as well. Each scene had the appropriate music that made you just believe that you were there with them during their little island adventure. And I think being in Hawaii and watching the movie made me relate to it just a little bit more (with all the isolation from the outside world as well as the wilderness factor that comes into play). It was like a modern Romeo and Juliet mixed with a little Andy Griffith twang to it. Not only was the story and music stellar but the color choices as well as the scenic backgrounds made this movie a masterpiece. Not a single little detail was overlooked but it didn’t have that Jay Leno scripted feel to it but more of a natural uniqueness with play of words and word choice throughout the entire film. If you’ve seen Fantastic Mr. Fox this movie has that same secret element of whimsy mixed with dark humor that is masked by colorful animal masks and time appropriate outfits.

Bill Murray and Bruce Willis also did an amazing job in the movie. But so did everyone in it. There wasn’t a single character or hair out of place.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly recommend making this the one to see this summer. There will be countless superhero movies but another movie like this won’t come along very often.

A good laugh will be had by all, I promise.

And if I didn’t convince you, here’s a little trailer for Moonrise Kingdom:

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Michael (2011): More than meets the eye

Title: Michael (2011)

Director: Markus Schleinzer

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 78% (Critics)
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 85% (Audience)

 “Like its protagonist, Michael is deliberate and very discreet. It shocks by suggestion, not by display.” -Mark Jenkins (NPR)

“This coldly compelling film doesn’t try to explain Michael’s behavior or analyze his disease. As if doing penance for Michael’s sins, it eventually metes out unequivocal punishment, but it is small consolation.” -Stephen Holden (New York Times)

“Illustrating the banality of evil in an impressively controlled and sometimes darkly humorous fashion, Michael takes a coolly nonjudgmental, non-psychological approach to a disturbing topic.” -Alissa Simon (Variety)

I didn’t do this movie justice when I wrote about it in an earlier blog entry. But I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t give it the recognition that it fully deserves.

America has come pretty far in exploring the “taboo” through the world of cinematics but it has not come far enough quite yet. It’s truly great that the ideas on sexuality, religion and even politics have seen a vast expansion throughout the years in regards to interpretations through film but most Americans still hold negative stigmas over certain topics such as murders committed by teenagers/children as well as certain sexual behaviors. What is it that I am trying to say? It’s mainly this: Americans are very “protective” of children, not necessarily in a literal sense but more so in the way children are to be seen as well as the failure to acknowledge that children are a major part of the everyday life we live in as a society. Because of this I know it must be hard for people to take what I am saying seriously. Why is this girl promoting a movie that is about pedophilia? Because it’s about more than that. Michael can even be seen as an in depth character analysis of the human mind, more specifically that of a pedophile. This movie was not created to rationalize pedophilia or to fight for it’s acceptance. The purpose is quite the opposite. This mo,vie induces not necessarily a shock but a restarting and reusing of the critical part of the mind. Michael requires a conscious audience. Leave all preconceived notions and judgments at the door. Much more than pedophilia, this movie is about life. The ups, the downs as well as the highs and lows. It is a study on the search for one’s true self. The possibilities of what could be and where one’s potential lies. What can one gain by living in falsities? What can one gain by facing life’s struggles as they appear? With self recognition comes strength. Strength to overcome any obstacle that may appear. A win for the underdog.

This movie also paints the picture of what one of my professors likes to call the “little man”. Who is the “little man”? Society ignores the “little man”. He is nothing. Someone of little to no value. And with this it brings about the question, “Is society to blame for the failings and shortcomings of the ‘little man’?” Should we as a society be more attentive to those around us rather than constantly worrying about ourselves? Do we need to pay more attention to our children and be responsible for them? For those who had written off Michael as nothing more than a “creep fest” or an unnecessary controversial film, they are lacking an open mind in which to receive Michael. For without an open mind it is almost impossible to appreciate true art.

So if any of you have a chance to watch it, please do because it is one that should not be stuffed in the closet and forgotten.

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Words to describe my Thursday

Blue Lamborghini, Right Hand Column Steering Wheel Rolls Royce, Bulls vs Celtics, oh did I forget to mention watching a movie on Pedophilia?

But aren’t my two babies cute? Rolf had yet to wake up for the morning.

So yesterday I pretty much got everything done that I had to. Work, Gym, Fixed the car, Bank, Goodwill, pickup my Sugar Baby, get dinner, than movie time!

The new guy in the store is CRAZY. Gave me some crazy bullshit talk about how Onions are “BAD” for your vibrations. When I asked him where he got that information he just told me that some guy had told him. This guy is in his mid 30s. COME ON! I told him that you couldn’t just up and believe EVERYTHING people tell you…I was like,

“What if I told you buying Hello Kitty products cured cancer? Would you believe me?”

And he didn’t even get it… I told him to find me some REAL RESEARCH done by people with PHD’s and actual degrees and he was on his computer looking for that shit and about 5 minutes later he comes back to me and says that he’s found it! Information about Onions being bad for your chi. Guess where he found it? He was like,

“They have a facebook page!”

That is NOT real research. He said that the people on facebook combined different real sources into one page. I told him to go find me those sources and he couldn’t do it…he said he couldn’t find anything. Ugh. I thought I was going to die from both laughter and hysteria. For every bad thing you find about onions I can find two good things about it. Weirdo.

But you know what made everything better? This:

I’m sorry about the second shot. I had to take it from inside my car because I’m a freak. Haha. Ah~ the joys of going to the gym. Not only do I look and feel better, I get to see amazing pieces of art.

 And after the gym I got a new headlight cover! Yay! I don’t know how anyone could have taken it because it’s so much work JUST to get it in.

I’m sorry about my bumper…whenever I fix it someone ALWAYS fucks it up. I hate people sometimes…make me so miserable.

I’ll upload more later if I get home tonight. Oh and what do you guys think will happen with…

Antony + Amare + Lin + Smith?

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1001 Movies to Watch before you KEEL OVER or maybe 1089

Since I wrote about 1001 books you should read before you die I thought I would procrastinate finishing my essay for just a little while longer by making another list. You’d think living in LA would make me a movie buff right? It’s actually quite the opposite. I’ve never seen Star Wars or Titanic and it took me till just recently to watch Pulp Fiction and Fight Club. This will be an interesting list. Let’s have at it then!

Continue reading

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What better movie to watch on Valentines Day than…300?

After work (which was really stressful and irritating) I went to go workout at the gym (which I will get into later) but after that I thought I’d reward myself with a new cd, since I rarely buy CDs or DVDs to be honest with you. And guess what I saw at Amoeba? A Valentine’s Day DVD Sale section and honestly, what more romantic and sexual movie could you ask for than 300? Half naked men proving their man hood, women getting raped right and left. If that doesn’t spell out Valentine’s Day, I don’t know what does. Someone probably just put it there as a joke or just saw it as a place to put a DVD they’ve been having second thoughts about but I found it amusing nonetheless. Or maybe we should just all be watching movies about high school students getting pregnant to get into the mood? Wouldn’t that just be a turnoff? Unless that’s what you’re into…hey, for some people it is. Or maybe what gets some people off is adultery? Who would want to be with scary SVU detective Christopher Meloni anyways right? Haha, just joking. Or maybe now that technology is replacing everything we can appreciate the forming of relationships between real people and artificial intelligence? Who in god’s name picks out these movies? Were these the reject movies that they just want to get rid of that have just the bare minimum to do with love or desire? Yeah, I still stick by my original statement, out of those four movies 300 is probably the most romantic. Is it so hard to put Casablanca? Dirty Dancing? Or even The Notebook for God’s sake.

So what did I end up buying from Amoeba anyways? The new Foster the People album. I wanted a Black Keys CD but the two songs that I really like are on different CDs so instead of suffering a mental breakdown I gave up and bought a Foster the People CD since I’ve had my mind set on it for a while now as well. Can’t win them all I guess. I’ll go back for the other ones some other time. Oh and if you haven’t seen the Black Key’s-Howlin for you music video, it’s amazing! It’s just like Sucker Punch made into a music video, and for those of you that know me know that I NEVER go on youtube so me putting this link on here is hardcore.

And I think I deserve some sort of award for buying stuff on Craigslist and STILL being alive. This kid was selling Saints Row 3 for XBOX360 for $30 so I went to go pick it up since Mark has been wanting to play it for awhile. Like I want to pay $60+ bucks at GameStop. No thank you. I ended up racing an Infiniti G35 on my way to pick up the game. I won. Like always. Hahaha. Scared the shit out of Steven though (the busser at work needed a ride home) but he made it home in one piece. People get so scared when I tell them that I buy stuff off of Craigslist. I know what to watch out for, I’m not THAT stupid. Hahaha but thanks for worrying about me you guys. I can handle myself. Most times it’s just kids selling games so they can have some cash for more games. I’ve actually met the nicest people too.

While I’m still on the topic of V-Day, I didn’t really ask for anything but Mark always knows what to get me so here’s the other gift that he sent.

A Vintage Hard Top Retro Pink Samsonite Suitcase! I absolutely adore it! It’ll be perfect for all the traveling and moving that I’m going to do! My computer and PS3 will be safe and snug in there. (I really need to start playing Call of Duty again but I haven’t had any motivation lately). I still have a lot of stuff I need to pack and clean but I’ll get to it soon enough.

Yay for days off! I have to start on my essay soon…

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Live You Fucking Whore!

Now where did I leave off yesterday…

That’s right! Eddie and I killed some time by watching Hobo with a Shotgun yesterday. Compliments of my knight in shining armor. (Please don’t hurt me).  And do you know what? IT WAS THE BEST FUCKIN MOVIE EVER! That’s right, EVER. I don’t know who comes up with this shit but it is priceless! If only they’d make my awesome movie ideas into brightly contrasted colorful but yet gory grindhouse films…or at least paid me in gum then MAYBE I wouldn’t be such a bitch about everything…but then again maybe not. THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW… But seriously, for those that have not seen it yet it’s one of those films that you have to watch at least 5 times before you die. AT LEAST. And after watching Sin City not too long ago it really made me appreciate the different techniques and styles that studios use to enhance the movies that they produce. (Although I wish more movie studios would produce Oscar worthy movies rather than sequels with washed up actors when the first three movies weren’t that great to begin with). But this isn’t the time nor the place for a movie rant…or well maybe it is but I’ll rant about it another time. Ah~ the busy life of a ranter. What is the world coming to?

Now if only I could find find pictures from last night.  Found them!

We had a BLAST at Rebel Bingo last night. It’s my 3rd time and I’m hooked! Although I know my probabilities of winning bingo let alone hugging Freddie is slim to none but it’s still fun to go… I’ll win his best friend someday… I WANT A PANDA! *ahem* Met some cool new people, got to see people that I haven’t in a cool minute and got all the gay guys around me to think that the straight guy next to me was gay. Ah~ that kept me entertained for quite a bit. Imagine this poor straight dude fighting off guys hitting on him because I tell them he’s gay. In all honesty, at first I thought he was gay (and I kind of still do) but it doesn’t matter either way. We were both able to joke and laugh it off, I did most of the laughing but I’m sure he had fun watching me laugh. Doesn’t everybody? Hahaha. Eddie and I were supposed to leave at 11 but we ended up leaving the club close to 1am. And then we ended up having a bonding moment outside of his house for about another hour. I’ve never felt so close to him! Yay for drunk friends! Hahahaha. All in all it was a FABULOUS night! I’m sure more pictures will start to surface once people upload the pictures from last night. It’s coming I promise. Oh and how could I forget the most important person of last night…*drum roll* Cory! Thanks for hooking us up! We were ballin yesterday~ I KNOW everyone was jealous. Mmmhm.

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I woke up early today and I felt like taking out my little cousins so…

I took all 4 of them out (age 9-12) to go see Rango at the Grove.

They’re actually very well behaved so it was a breeze.

The movie was actually pretty entertaining.

At least two fear and loathing references which was cool.

I still haven’t seen that movie all the way through but I feel like I should now.

Then I took them to go get yogurt at Twirl on Larchmont and then I had to head to work.

Long day today…

Model Pose!


I found these glasses that someone had left behind at my house.

Haha. I was bored with all the cleaning so I thought I’d just take a silly picture.

I’m trying to de hoarder myself by giving away stuff I don’t need.

It’s hard, but I’m trying my best!

I’ve already given away 3 bags to goodwill!

I’m going to drop off some boardgames to my cousins and some other stuff to Goodwill when I have enough stuff collected.

I was watching Toy Story 3 in the background and while I was deciding on what I wanted to give away the part where Andy decides to give away Woody came on and it really spoke to me…

I need to think about other people who need this stuff more than I do.