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Rolf is expanding his horizons


Rolf can be so silly sometimes.
My mother is making flower arrangements and Rolf always loves to be a part of it.

What ARE you doing Rolf?


Rolf has made himself at home in a box…he’s been there all night and when I woke up this morning he was still sleeping inside it. Haha.

He’s such a silly baby.

Yes zach, I know you ‘Like’ this post. Haha.

But today’s my day off of work so I thought I would do some laundry and actually clean out some of my wardrobe and donate it to Goodwill.

I need to let go of my hoarding tendencies…one step at a time.


Heater + Rolf = One Happy Cat


Look at Rolf! He’s so cute!
He came in my room this morning and just decided to make himself at home in front of the heater.

What are you doing up there?


Rolf is such a silly boy. So cute though<3

Rolf is in the closet


Who is that next to the shoes?



My baby<3

My baby<3


Rolf came to say Good Morning but ended up falling asleep on my bed.

So cute<3

I’m Alive!


It has come to my attention thati people actually check my dead and dying blog so I thought I would start it up again!

As for today, I’m off to work and then some fun stuff tonight!

Who is that at my door?

Who is that peeking through my door?

Rolf’s been out all day but it started drizzling so when Chanel and I came home,

Rolf showed up out of nowhere and started to meow.

And here he is~


He’s coming in!

Or at least for a little bit~

He likes to cuddle with Chanel.

Isn’t my little Rolf adorable?!?!!

He fell asleep on top of Chanel again. Haha.

Such a cutie pie.

He’s sleeping on the dvd we rented.

Haha. SO CUTE<3.

I love you Rolf.