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Did you see me on TV?

I actually look okay in the episode. Phew. Thank god. I’ll put up some screenshots when I get them. And for those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, (Yes I am guilty of selfless self promotion), I am on tonight’s episode of Bizarre Foods America on the Travel channel. Go check it out if you haven’t already!

But otherwise, today’s been a long day but a good one for the most part. My headache and semi-cold are a little better too which makes things a little easier.

And since I don’t have pictures of me in the episode I’ll upload these pictures of Tony Parker in the Olympics that Mark found.

Priceless right?

Well back to what’s been happening lately. My family left on Friday but we ended up having a lot of fun with them. We ended up going to the North Shore like EVERY SINGLE DAY but all in all we all had a great time. Lots of good food and relaxation time, just what the doctor ordered.

And then yesterday it was Mark and I’s 1 month marriage anniversary! We only realized it after our hike but that’s okay. We went to Manoa Falls and it was such a fun little outing together. I really enjoyed it and we’re going to go hiking again next weekend.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! A lot of people were hiking in flip flops and barefoot… There was so much mud and rain and slippery rocks that I don’t know how those people survived. My cowboy boots, on the other hand, took me there and back just fine, especially with the help of my hubby Mark being there for me when my shoes didn’t have any traction.

Yay! Fun times. We also ended up going to Costco and Walmart that day and making care packages for family. I love making care packages and sending mail! Who WOULDN’T want a bunch of goodies in the mail??

Look what they had at Costco though… WANT! Only is the cat is included…OMG Maybe this is the perfect Christmas present for Rolf! Who wouldn’t want to see cute pictures of Rolf in this little cat bed. Which reminds me…my mother sent me more pictures of my little babies so I’ll upload them soon!

Speaking of what I saw at Costco, look what else I saw at Walmart!

Vintage-y looking Cracker Jack boxes! I wanted a box but it only came in a set of 3 so I just took a picture instead. *shrug* Good enough for me.

Oh, not to mention we got Saimin for the first time. Noodles were so so but we had Sweet Potato Tempura and they used Okinawan Purple potatoes and they were delicious! Just like the ones you get at the country fair that just MELT IN YOUR FUCKIN MOUTH! UH! It was ORGASMIC!

I also got some delicious strawberries from Costco! Growing up I’d always eat them with sugar so that’s what I’m doing now. Yum!

I love our Sundays off together!

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Bizarre Foods America – My Episode!

Hey you guys! Guess what? My episode of Bizarre Foods America will air tomorrow on Monday August 6th so don’t forget to check it out! I haven’t seen it yet either so you guys will be watching it right with me!

I worked a pop up event at Royal T where Andrew Zimmern was cooking the customers some bizarre food of his own. The episode takes place in “Los Angeles” so look out for it on the Travel Channel!

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Your mom’s a whore! 64!

It’s Super Bowl Sunday Bitches!

I am the resident Denver Broncos Babydoll Barista of Royal T! I single-handedly fight off the vicious predators who creep on the young unsuspecting girls of Royal T while making espresso masterpieces anyone would be wowed at! All in a day’s work for this crime fighting barista princess! Muhahaha!

I really do love making drinks though…there’s just something about it that I can’t get enough of.

But in all honesty, who cares if they’re (the Broncos) not playing today…I can just go back in time and relive the ’98 & ’99 victory! That’s right! Like I’d abandon my team just because they’re not playing this year. Pff whatever. Anyways it was a pretty cute Sunday. All the girls dressed up like cheerleaders today. Thank you H&M for making baseball tees that are cheerleader themed! Ugh H&M. Anyways it was adorable to see them all matched for the day.

So for those of you who don’t know we use the Pandora application on the cafe ipad to play the music for the whole cafe. Most days everyone has to deal with my obsession with 80s Pop Music and if they don’t like it then that’s too bad because I’m the King of the Bar and the ipad is under my reign of terror! They’ll listen to “Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go” The Extended Version as many times as I want them to. (I’m sorry Phoebe but that’s how things roll). But sometimes all two of the many employees at Royal T who seem to greatly despise 80s pop music are stuck working with me so sometimes I try to be nice and cut them some slack. No, that does not mean that I will listen to weird rap music or some country hippie shit. I said SOME slack not I’m giving up my country for my people shit. So I picked the next best option…the Michael Jackson channel! Phoebe likes Michael Jackson so I was like hey why not. And we all know Pandora, along with programs like Netflix, use algorithms to pick songs that a person would like depending on what they have already listened to and this is what Pandora came up with:

that if I like Michael Jackson that I would also like the “Overture” from The Phantom of the Opera. My question is how the fuck did it know? I LOVE Phantom of the Opera. Touché Pandora…touché.

On a different note though, everyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge car geek. So much so that I’m constantly seen talking to my own car talking about cars to anyone around. I usually have dinner once a week with my bestest car buddy Jack but we went to a Clippers game earlier this week so no dinner. Boo. AND he’s going to be gone for a while. Lame. I guess I’ll just have to go back to sitting at the local park by my house telling whatever pigeon will listen to me about the new LED light craze that has been going around. Ew no, why would I feed them? I’m not crazy or anything. I don’t care if Chinese people think it’s good luck or not. No thank you. But since I have you here reading my blog I might as well tell you my frustration of the day.

Really Dodge? Really? LED’s were so 2+ years ago and the only people who know how to do it right is Audi. And those circular LED lights only look decent on the new corvettes that have them. What are you trying to do? The old Dodge Avenger lights looked just fine. It makes the car look very unflattering and of low quality. What guy in their right mind would drive one of those? Even the Dodge lettering on the back is so unflattering. It adds nothing to a plain surface. What happened to the good old Dodge symbol? Can people not tell that it’s a Dodge unless it fuckin says “DODGE” on the back? Not to mention the lights on the trunk scream “CHEAP!”. We can’t all be Mercedes-Benz now can we when it comes to trunk/rear center brake lights. The new Avenger looks like the ugly unwanted child of a Ford Focus and a Honda Civic. The Avenger is the sister of the Charger that they should’ve kept locked up in the basement. Who would spend any kind of money on that? Why not buy an Avenger from a decent year with a decent design? Not to mention the grill is horrendous, among other things. I think the best year so far is the 2006 Dodge Avenger.

Look how classy the whole feel of the car is? You can just see yourself driving through deserted freeways at night enjoying the illuminated skyscraper scenery of Downtown LA. Well at least I can. That was a good year…But I don’t want to leave anyone on a sour note so here’s a beauty that I saw at the gym on my way to work out.

Oh yeah…and I worked out at the gym today. I love working out! I’ve been feeling a lot healthier lately. Yay!

But here you go…just like I promised.

Such a beauty…

Audi KNOWS what they’re doing when it comes to cars. This brand new Audi A7 was the most gorgeous shade of dark green I have ever seen on a car. Darker than the Jaguar racing green and a lot less shiny metallic than the colors you see on American cars. Everything is so well thought out and the attention to detail on this car is beyond anything anyone will see on other cars in the market right now. Audi is always ahead of their time when it comes to tail light design and I just get such a rush from tracking their style progression throughout the years. Not a thing is out of place. I could talk about this car for hours but I don’t know if anyone would really be that interested. I’ll just leave it at this, a lot of Californians are so caught up with buying a Porsche and Beamer for name’s sake that they forget what automobiles are all about. What happened to caring about look, performance and efficiency? (No I am not talking about that saving gas with higher MPG shit, I’m a purist). I’m just saying, Audi isn’t a name that should be ignored when it comes to considering what cars to buy next.

I guess that’s it for right now. Thanks for reading!

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Speed Racer Macaroons!





Look at what I took a picture of while I was driving?
I probably should have been paying attention to the road but that’s beside the point!
This guy not only has the Speed Racer License Plate Cover but a Sticker with a number to call if you don’t like his driving. Hahaha.
It made my day, that’s for sure.

I also went to Bottega Louie with Ihui Tuesday April 29th.
We went early in the morning because we both had stuff to do at like 11am.
I got the Smoked Salmon Plate and it was absolutely DELICIOUS!!!
This place is so gorgeous too!
Super high gorgeous ceilings and attentive waitstaff.
I wish I could just live at this place and pretend to be Marie Antoinette everyday.
If only…

I also caught Ihui off guard!
Lolz, Ihui is so adorable!
Macaroon Adventure Buddies forever!!!!
The Macaroons were so vibrant and full of flavor too!!!
I can’t wait to go back!

So yeah, whenever I go to Starbucks and they ask what my name is I always tell them ‘Yumi’ because it’s much easier than ‘Ayumi’ and this is what happens sometimes…
I become ‘Yubi’.
Well Middle Yubi to you too…jp

I also helped Misha and Tod move which was a bunch of fun!
I just had to leave a little early to get to school, then after school it was off to work at Royal/T.
We had a new pop up shop opening which was pretty cool!
So many fun adventures!







The first picture is from Friday March 25th.

Nobuko san was there and the special was Japanese Hambagu with Vegetables!

OMG it was so delicious!

The sauce just MADE the dish.

I love it when she makes super awesome creations at Royal/T!

The second picture is from Saturday March 26.

Ihui, Eddie, Evan and I went to La Dijonaise Cafe cafe at Helms Bakery and guess what I got??

The Beef Stroganoff…can you say MELT IN YOUR MOUTH DELICIOUS?!

Our waiter was a little on the irritable grumpy side which sucked but we all gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Ihui also ended up buying macaroons for the both of us, and they ended up being very crisp and rich but they were $3 for 1 small macaroon.

A little overpriced if you ask me. *shrug*

And the fun never stops with Ihui and me so…on Sunday March 27th, after we both had a long day at work we decided to meet up for a little dessert.

It was my turn to pick a place so I picked Hwa Sun Ji.

It’s only like 2 blocks away from my house but I had never been there before.

The 3rd and 4th picture are from there.

I asked my mother if she had ever been there and she told me I wouldn’t like it because it was for old people but I actually liked it very much.

It was very  nice and calming on the inside.

It was what we needed after a long day at work.

We got shaved ice and they brought a couple korean crackers on the side which were very yummy.

I got the Chrysanthemum Tea which you can see was so beautiful, and Ihui ended up getting the Quince Tea.

We got to enjoy the rest of our Sunday in peace and it was absolutely delightful.

Long Time No.. Write?





I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for a while.

I’ve been busy with…life. Hahaha.

Let’s see…

Sunday March 20…I just relaxed at home.

Monday March 21, the lady came to pick up my car to have it fixed.

Tuesday March 22, I went and got my hair done! I always love seeing Candise.

If anyone needs an amazing hair dresser, just ask me.

She’s super amazing!

Wednesday March 23 was a BLAST!

Kat and I went shopping in Santee Alley for our Panty and Stocking Cosplays!!!

We went all over the place!

Santee Alley, Little Tokyo, Hollywood! You name it, we did it!

We ate at Curry House and I had delicious Curry Udon. Yum!

We bougtht some accessories and looked at a good amount of shoes, didn’t end up finding what we wanted but it was a fun adventure none the less.

We also got to talk A LOT so that was very nice too.

We were out all day trying new things!

Shoes, Cake pops…

I had a blast!

I can’t for our amazing cosplays to be done!


Thursday March 24th, I went to work wearing my Butler shirt to give my support, and of course they won.


And Friday March 25th I was at Royal T working Happy Hour!

I want to write more but I’m so tired…I promise I will write more about my adventures with school and Ihui!<3

Tomorrow…I PROMISE! Maybe…lolz

What a Weird Day…





Saturday had to be one of the most eventful yet strangely bizarre sort of day.

In the morning when I pull in to the Royal/T parking lot I found a Blackberry in the lot and someone was calling it so I asked if they had lost their phone and that I had it with me.

There were a lot of people working that day so instead of being a maid I decided to help out at the bar, it was pretty crazy at the bar so it was a good idea.

After work Ihui and I decided to meet up at Harajuku Crepe in Beverly Hills.

I beat her there with my awesome driving skills and I waited inside.

It’s a small hole in the wall place two stores down from Pink Berry but the taste is well worth the visit.

They have all sorts of Crepe bases, even Earl Grey!

We ended up getting one savory and one sweet crepe.

For the Savory one we got Tuna Salad on a regular crepe and for the Sweet crepe we got Azuki Bean and Strawberry on a regular crepe. We both wanted to try the Earl Grey but we both thought that the other didn’t like Earl Grey. Damn us for being so Asian. Hahaha.

But both crepes were delicious!!!

The only bummer was that they didn’t have plates.

We just had to take turns taking bites out of it.<3

So after that we got in my car because it’s better to just take one car instead of two when you’re going to Melrose anyways and when we were pulling out of the Parking Garage, we didn’t have to pay.

Isn’t that weird?

Hmmm…lucky I guess.

Then we drove off to Melrose because I wanted to go to the Art Auction they were having at Japan LA.

The street parking gets kind of weird because of all the NO PARKING 6PM to 8AM without a permit business so I decided to Valet Park.

We were walking towards Japan LA when the body guard there tells me that we can’t go in and when I look up to see who it is, I realize that it’s the same bodyguard that works for Royal/T!

Amazing huh?

I also got to see a lot of other people I knew, Misha and her husband Tod, Jamie, Krista, Onch and even David from Sanrio!

I ended up getting the Camilla d’Errico ‘Canadian Tiger’ Print and I couldn’t have been more excited!

It’s the piece I was hoping to get even before I got there.

Ihui and I were JUST on time!

So we walked around JapanLA for a bit and looked at the other art but we thought it was soon time for dessert so we went to go pick my car up from Valet.

So as you can see from the picture, the Valet guy who was pulling out my car ended up hitting another car with my car….


I’m not even joking, it’s strange because right before he did it I was even thinking, what would happen if he hit my car? Would it be his fault or mine?

But these things happen. Everything in life happens for a reason, or that’s what I believe.

Thank God Ihui was there though, she took care of everything for me.

I didn’t know how to feel? I wasn’t really angry or surprised.

I was just very easygoing I guess, no need to start unnecessary drama right?

So I got all the information and she said she would be by Monday morning to pick up my car and have it fixed.

So since we were on our way to HAUS, I thought we should just go anyways.

Why not?

We get there and I get a Lemon Macaroon and a Sweet Pumpkin Latte<3 Yum!

And Ihui got a Mocha Macaroon with some Earl Grey Tea with Honey.

And then we get into the whole conversation about liking Earl Grey.


I see a Maserati pull in and of course it’s the owner of HAUS.

After some lovely dessert and a nice long chat I start to drive back to Beverly Hills to drop Ihui off at her car.

It was starting to rain/drizzle a little at this point.

Which reminds me, I need to change my windshield wipers, they don’t work too well.


But yeah, that was my weird eventful Saturday.

It could only happen to me.

Happy Hour!


So Friday we’re doing Happy Hour at Royal/T and I like working it so if you guys have time after work, you should stop by.

So before I started my shift I went down to the Deli in the back and I was only going to buy one scratcher and some Frosted Flakes but the guy there is so sweet.

Woot for feeding my gambling problems!

I don’t have a problem…who said I have a problem?

But it went pretty well, a few more people than the last Happy Hour, and Rocco had his wine tasting so we got a good crowd going.

Rocco still owes me $500 on his bet, but he says it wasn’t official since we didn’t shake hands but I’m the one who started the bet and he accepted but oh well.

I guess he didn’t want to give up his Ipad. Hahaha.

I was going to go to the Qpop fundraiser but I knew by the time I got there it would be very close to 10pm.

I’ll have to check out their stuff online and stop by next time.

I didn’t think Happy Hour would go that late but the wine tasting ended up lasting quite a bit after normal Happy Hour.

All in all it was a good night. No complaints.

That’s right, I know the curator for The Warholian!

Thursday night we had an honorary dinner for the one and only Eric Shiner.

It was very nice to see him again after all that time.

Everyone was very nice and things went pretty smoothly considering.

I got to see some interesting people too, you guys couldn’t even imagine.

I see a lot of interesting people at Royal/T.

Maybe I should keep track to tell my future kids some day.


I’m sure that’d be fun wouldn’t it.

The dinner started a little late but ended up ending when scheduled.

I like working dinner parties, it’s kind of calming in a weird way.


Currently listening to: Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon

For Me?




Wednesday was a pretty special day.

I worked the bar at Royal/T but before I started I was a little hungry so I decided to order myself some Crispy Spicy Tuna.

So delicious! Yum!

While I’m eating, Nobuko san brings me a little container full of a delicious Japanese side dish and a little handkerchief seen in the third picture.

She’s such a sweetheart!!!

And guess who else came to see me today?

Scott and his wife came to see me!

I always bring him sweets when I go to Umami Burger so this time he brought me sweets!

He brought me the most delicious Macaroons you could ever imagine!

Both of them are so sweet it’s crazy!

I got to talk to them for a bit too which made me pretty happy!

I love my customers!

You guys make my day everyday!